A protagonist is the main lead of a show. You will know when a character is a protagonist when you see the whole storyline centring around him and he is the one who propels it forward.

Side characters are characters who are not the first preference for the primary storyline. Still, they appear in the show enough that they don’t appear as just a cameo appearance. 

Though the protagonist is considered the face of the show the side characters still play a crucial role in making these faces look better in the anime.


Here are 10 anime side characters who have earned their keep to be recognised as the MC of their respective series without the formal MC tag:

We kick the list off with Levi a.k.a Humanities strongest soldier from the most popular anime series of all time Attack On Titan at NO.1. He aces the list for being a fan favourite due to his unrelenting badass attitude. He is also one of the coldest anime characters of all time. I dare you to find a scene where he has a smile on his face. 

He even tops the list of most popular anime characters of all time despite being just a side character. What impresses the fans the most about him is that he is the strongest hero ever without any supernatural power or abilities, he’s just a human.

His calm demeanor, exceptional combat skills, and no-nonsense attitude have made him a fan favorite.

Levi is someone you may call a man with many accolades. Eren Yeager the hero turned villain of the anime has seen his popularity skyrocket in season 4 of the anime. Will he be able to knock Levi off his pedestal is something to look forward to. 



AOT Dethrones Death Note As The Most Popular Anime Of All Time


The world-famous Detective L from Death Note follows Levi on this list. L is a highly intelligent and eccentric detective who is determined to uncover the identity of the serial killer known as Kira (Light Yagami).

L’s presence in “Death Note” is highly influential, leaving a lasting impact on fans who appreciate his intelligence, quirks, and unwavering pursuit of justice. 

His high intellect and quirky personality made him a fan favourite.

Satoru Gojo has been the talk of the town since the release of the first season of Jujutsu Kaisen. He is strong, cool, funny, good looking and even has a mysterious vibe to himself as he wears an eye patch to hide his eyes. He was even at No5 on the list of characters with no haters.

Yuno Gasai has a unique psycho personality. She has added various shades to her personality through the series like being obsessive, ruthless, cold and calculating. She brings something new to the table of anime characters. That’s what fans love about her.


1. Levi From Attack On Titan

2. L From Death Note

3. Satoru Gojo From Jujutsu Kaisen

4. Gasai Yuno From Mirai Nikki

5. Shouto Todoraki From My Hero Academia 

6. Kaori Miyazono From You Lie In April

7. Marin Kitigawa from My Dress Up Darling

8. Yami Sukihiro From Black Clover

9. Sano Manjiro (Mikey) From Tokyo Revengers 

10. Kawaki From Boruto: Naruto Next Generation 


Who doesn’t like a cold cool anime character with a heart-touching back story? Shouto Todoroki is all that, makes him so relatable to the fans.

Shoto is known for his reserved and stoic demeanor, often keeping a cool and serious attitude. He is highly intelligent, skilled in combat, and determined to become a hero on his own terms, distancing himself from his father’s legacy. 

Kaori is a vibrant and free-spirited violinist with a passion for music. She is known for her energetic and unpredictable personality, often breaking the rules and bringing spontaneity into the lives of those around her.

Kaori’s playing style is expressive and emotional, capturing the hearts of both musicians and audiences. Kaori’s character resonates with viewers due to her infectious energy, determination, and the emotional depth she brings to the series.

Marin Kitigawa is your classic chick anime character. She is popular, beautiful, outgoing and has a knack for cosplaying. She has it all. And to top it off the fact that she is an Otaku caused fans to instantly fall for her.

The next character on our list is Yami Sukehiro from black clover. The only character who can compete with Sanji from One Piece in smoking. We end the list with Kawaki from Boruto: Naruto Next Generation. He is like the unsung hero of the show. He possesses every single quality of being a protagonist 

  • He has special powers 
  • He is an orphan
  • Has a heart touching back story
Though protagonists are the poster boys of the anime who tend to become the most loved characters there are a few side characters who break the law of nature and outshine the protagonists.
Side characters in anime fulfill various roles, such as providing support, adding depth, balancing the story, bringing humor, showcasing unique abilities, and engaging the audience. They contribute significantly to the overall enjoyment and success of an anime by expanding the world, developing relationships, and creating memorable moments.