7+ Motivating Life Lessons from Hajime No Ippo

Hajime no Ippo is a classic sports drama about a high school kid named Ippo who helps his mother run their fishing boat company and falls in love with boxing after Takemura, an experienced fighter, protects him from bullies.

An inspiring anime series, Hajime no Ippo features wonderful comedic moments in between exciting boxing battles.

Hajime no Ippo is a must-watch when you need a pinch of inspiration.

Featuring from the ‘Lessons from Screen’ saga, 7 Motivating Life Lessons from Hajime No Ippo

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1. There’s no Substitute for Work ft Ippo Makonouchi

1. There's no substitute for work ft Ippo Makonouchi

The only thing separating what you have and what you desire is the work you put in. Thus, start putting in work.

Continue working even when you don’t feel like it. Continue working even if your body hurts. Just keep working even if your pals are out having fun.

Discipline cannot be substituted for anything. Ignoring what you want now in favour of something greater later on is discipline.

Your level of discipline, especially on the days you don’t want to, shows how committed you are to achieving your goals.

The future you depends on you to keep the promises you made to yourself yesterday.

Ippo is among the most disciplined athletes you will ever come across.

He never gives an excuse for not working hard today—not because he isn’t as skilled as other boxers, but also because according to him working takes the stress off things, and he feels less pressured when he knows he has done the work.

2. Everyone has a backstory ft Ippo x Takemura x Ichiro x Kimura

2. Everyone has a backstory ft Ippo x Takemura x Ichiro x Kimura
Every anime has its popular characters and every popular character has his/her backstory

Hajime no Ippo characters’ back stories

  • Ippo wanted to turn his life around, which is why he took up boxing.
  • Takemura began boxing because it gave his fists new purpose and made others view him as a boxer rather than a troublemaker.
  • In an attempt to demonstrate that his father’s boxing style could win a world title, Ichiro Miyata took up the sport and became a professional boxer.
  • In order to make enough money to open his own ramen store, Tatsuya Kimura began boxing.

Everyone has a past, but unless you use it as motivation to reach new heights in your life, having a captivating backstory isn’t worth it.

Your backstory is simply your past; what matters is how you make the most of it by using it to shape who you are today.

3. You have a choice between remaining a looser or becoming a winner ft Ippo Makonouchi

3. You have a choice between remaining a looser or becoming a winner ft Ippo Makonouchi

What separates a winner from a loser, do you know? Is there a skill or discipline gap between them? It’s neither of the two, it’s actually their mindset.

A victor always approaches tasks with the intention of winning, whereas a loser is always doubting his or her ability to complete the job at hand.

Are you sick and weary of always losing? Do you have the courage to transform yourself? When the chips are down, are you willing to keep going? Can you allow yourself to dream?

Before meeting Takemura, who rescued Ippo’s weak ass from the bullies, Ippo was an absolute loser.

Even though Ippo was severely bullied at school, he never retaliated since he didn’t think he could defeat them—that is, until he witnessed Takemura in action.

And the rest is history; with just a tiny shift of perspective, Ippo won the rookie title, and the bullies who had previously mocked his stupid ass began to attend his matches as his supporters.

So always keep in mind that you too have the opportunity to be the winner in your story—the only issue is, do you want to?

4. Big dreams aren’t easy ft Ichiro Miyata

Big dreams aren't easy ft Ichiro Miyata
When your dreams aren’t normal. Don’t expect your life to be either

To have something you don’t have, you have to do something you have never done.

Dreaming big isn’t the problem; not doing big things to achieve those dreams is.

Imagine this the next time you feel like you can’t continue any longer: someone who shares the same goals as you is putting forth more effort to reach them. Someone out there is working 10x harder than you do, chasing after the same goals as yours. And you’re here again, thinking about taking it easy—maybe scrolling through your phone or going out for pointless socializing.

Don’t be shocked when someone else with the same goal has already taken your place at the top, not because he or she has the same goals as you but because they kept working when you were slacking off.

Just remember, to have extraordinary shit, you’ve to do extraordinary shit.


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5. You can have fun if you also put in the work ft The Big Guy, Takemura

5. You can have fun if you also put in the work ft The Big Guy, Takemura
Working hard and overworking are two very different things.

To accomplish something that none of the people you know have accomplished, you’ve got to put in more effort than they have.

Does that, however, imply that you should put in excessive amounts of work, which might eventually result in burnout?

Not only would a possible burnout cost you valuable work time, but it will also steal your mental well-being. Soon, you’ll start doubting yourself and might even experience a downward spiral.

Instead of creating more problems for yourself because you worked yourself to the bone. Be mindful of your breaking points, and take rest when it’s necessary.

Just like the big guy, Takemura who is the best boxer in his weight class.

He is the best at what he does not only because he puts in more effort than everyone else in his competition, but also because he understands when he should ease off and allow his body to recuperate from his rigorous training schedule.

Like when Takemura and the gang went to training camp at the beach they would fool around in the day and work their buts off in the night.

6. Healthy Competition is a bliss ft Ichiro Miyata

6. Healthy Competition is a bliss ft Ichiro Miyata
Competition is a good thing, it forces us to do our best

The most well-known rivalry in Hajime no Ippo is that between Ichiro and Ippo.

Even though Ichiro is a boxing prodigy, he is still searching for a rival to spur the competitive fire within him.

His search ended when he encountered Ippo. He realized that boxing might still be enjoyable after fighting Ippo, who had given him a taste of the adrenaline he was longing for. 

When Ichiro is about to lose, he never fails to remember Ippo and their agreement to face each other in the boxing final. That’s what motivates him to keep going.

When you have a rival it starts to play with your psyche. Every time you feel like giving up, there’s always a clock ticking inside your head reminding you that your rival is right now working just as hard as you if maybe not more.

It then encourages you to keep pushing yourself past your limitations. Growth will only occur once you have surpassed your limitations.


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7. You do for family ft Ryo Mashiba x Ippo

7. You do for family ft Ryo Mashiba x Ippo

Ippo always declines his friends’ invitations to hang out after school. This isn’t because he dislikes the concept of hanging out with friends, but rather because he needs to assist his mother in running the fishing boat business.

After losing his parents in a car accident, Ryo Mashiba puts in a lot of effort in the boxing ring to win the rookie title so he can support his sister and ensure they never have to worry about money again.

Ippo and Mashiba both do their utmost to make life easier for their families—not because they enjoy making tough decisions and following through on them, but rather because they understand that family comes first, and if you don’t for family, then who will?

Thus, don’t run from your responsibilities; instead, make sure you fulfil the promises you made to them about leading a better life and demonstrate to them that they were not just words.


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