How do you decide what to do on a date?

  • Go somewhere both of you will enjoy.
  • Avoid places where you won’t be able to hear each other.
  • Experimentation is key to having fun dates. But don’t experiment on the very first date itself. You have to lay some ground work first.
  • Try to find out if there’s somewhere your date always wished to go and make that wish come true.

This might have given you a few ideas about, what people do on date? Don’t worry if you still aren’t there yet. I have got you covered.

Featuring from the ‘Ultimate Dating Guide’ Saga, 14 Anime Inspired Things to do on a date

1. Visit an Amusement Park

Visit an Amusement Park
Izumi and Shikimori on an Amusement Park date

If you have the whole day to yourself then visiting an amusement park is a great date idea. You get to experience all sorts of fun activities just at a single location.

There are a few activities you have to try when on a amusement park date:

a) Horror House

Horror House
Yukimura and Himuro inside a Horror house

Horror house is must. It has the power to make or break your date.

If the girl is scared of horror house then use it to your advantage to impress her by comforting her while confidently making your way through the haunted house.

You gota strike when the irons hot.

b) Ferris Wheel

 Ferris Wheel
Yukimura and Himuro on a Ferris Wheel

Watching sunset on a ferris wheel is one of the most romantic things to do on an amusement park date.

If you wish to share a kiss with your date then you wouldn’t find a more romantic moment than this.

c) Watching Fireworks

 Watching Fireworks
Amusement Park fireworks

Finish your day at the amusement park by watching fireworks.

Amusement park dates can get hectic because you’re rushing from one ride to another the whole day.

Watching fireworks at the end of the day gives you the perfect opportunity to have a moment of peace.

Find a quite place to sit which has a clear view of the fireworks. Enjoy the fireworks while holding hands.

Pro Tip

Do you know, you shouldn’t go to an amusement park on your first date? Apparently waiting in lines gets awkward and the relationship falls apart.

2. Go Karaoke

 Go Karoake
Haruki and Sakura going Karaoke

Karaoke is one of the most fun activities to try on a date.

It’s fun, refreshing and you can even have food while singing your heart out.

It’s the best way to blow off some steam after a tough day.

3. Play at an Arcade

Play at an Arcade
Tadano and Tendo at an arcade

If you are both fans of competitive gaming. Then playing at an arcade won’t be the worst of date night ideas.

4. How about a Christmas Date?

How about a Christmas Date?
Ichikawa and Yamada on a Christmas date

You should consider your chances before asking that special person out on a christmas date.

Everyone’s busy during the holidays and if they agree to go on a date with you. It mens they really like you.

Spending a major holiday like Christmas together instead of family speaks volume.

Pro Tip

To avoid confusion, when people say Christmas date, they mean a date on Christmas Eve, 24th not the actual Christmas day i.e 25th.

5. Go to the Aquarium

Go to the Aquarium
Kazuya and Sumi on an Aquarium date

Girls probably enjoy watching aquatic life up close. So going to an aquarium will decent choice for a date.

It also presents you with an amazing opportunity to flaunt your knowledge about fish life, that is if you have any.

Pro Tip:

Pro Tip:
Kazuya and Sumi got splashed

If you have decided to watch the dolphin show at the aquarium then avoid choosing a seat with close proximity to the pool. You might get wet from the popular dolphin splash that happens at the end of every show.

6. Ramen Hunting

 Ramen Hunting
Haruki and Sakura ramen hunting

Going out to try new cuisine is the most common date night idea.

Ramen haunting is a popular choice for having a fun and fulfilling date night activity especially in Japan and also among anime enthusiasts all around the globe.

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7. Let’s go Camping

 Let's go Camping
Kaguya-sama: Love is War team on a Camping trip

Camping are usually a 2 to 3 days overnight trips. So this date night idea is only feasible for couples who have gone past first few dates.

Must try activities on a Camping trip:

a) Test of Courage

Test of Courage
Yukari & Misaki and Nisaka & Sanada doing a couple’s test of courage

Having a test of courage is a fun and thrilling camping traditions you should try.

b) Watch Fireflies

Watch Fireflies
Yukari, Misaki, Nisaka and Sanada watching fireflies

If you are lucky you could also get to see fireflies.

Pro Tip

A camping trip to the mountains is the best destination to make your girl crash fall in love with you.

Bright sky and crisp air, the reverberating call of the wild. Move into a cottage, have a barbecue and to come night fall the stary sky will cast its spell. Flaunt your knowledge of stars. It’s the perfect destination.

8. Have a Relaxing Beach day

Have a Relaxing Beach day
Miyuki and Chika on a beach date

The sound of the waves crushing is the best lalabae there is and refreshing ocean breeze will blow the summer heat away.

Pro Tip

A trip to the ocean is the perfect destination for girls to make their guy crush fall in love with them.

The ocean is the origin of all life, with its furthersome depths before us and the hot beating sun at our backs. We are all reduced to creatures of instinct.

He will be captivated the second the he sees my swimsuit. Then as the sun sets the sea will cast its spell on us and he will confess his love.

9. Photo Booth is a must

Photo Booth is a must
Kazuya and Chizuru at a photo booth

Photo booth are indispensable date night ideas. Clicking a few couple photos in a small and confide photo booth gives you the liberty to share intimate moments that a lot of other date night ideas don’t.

These cute pictures will be a nice reminder of your beautiful times together.

10. Watch Fireworks at the Annual Summer Cultural Festival

Watch Fireworks at the Annual Summer Cultural Festival
Kitigawa and Gojou watching fireworks

Being a part of the annual summer cultural festival is a big tradition in Japan. The highlight of the festival that everyone looks forward to are the fireworks.

And if you are there as a couple then awesome. It’s the most romantic thing to do on a date.

Watching fireworks with your girlfriend who is hopefully wearing a traditional Yukata is so romantic.

If you have this question, do you kiss on a date?

The this is the best opportunity to find your answer. If you nail it then it might possibly be the most romantic kiss of your life.

11. Try your hands on Bowling

 Try your hands on Bowling
Shoma and Ootari bowling

Bowling could be an exciting date choice. Bowling is a fun activity that you both could enjoy.

Just pray that your girlfriend doesn’t know bowling cause then you can teach her which will present you with enough opportunities to get touchy with her to satisfy your heart.

Pro Tip

Going on a double date with another couple and giving bowling a competitive touch among each other is also something you could try.

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12. Go Shopping

Go shopping
Haruki and Sakura thrifting

Going shopping is the most trusted date night idea. I don’t know if the guy will enjoy it but the girl will have a blast for sure.

Pro Tip

The thing guy miss to understand is that, you shouldn’t worry if she doesn’t buy anything cause the dates what’s important and not buying things.

13. How about a movie?

 How about a movie?
Izumi and Shikimori on a movie date

Asking a girl out for a movie date is a realistic and possibly the most popular date choices for couples. A romantic or comedy movie is always a good bet.

Pro Tip

Choose a horror movie

Choose a horror movie
Izumi and Shikimori on a horror movie date

You ccould comfort her when she gets scared. Show her your manly side. But if you can’t stand a horror movie either then don’t take the risk, the plan could backfire.

14. Unwind by the River

Unwind by the River
Izumi and Shikimori having fun by the river

Unwinding by a near by river is a nice substitute for going to the beach.

It’s a better choice for those who prefer places with comparatively less sunlight and more of shades. Also if you get sunburn easily.

The last pro tip of the day. To make all these date night ideas even more fun. Add high school costumes to the mix. Try going on high school costume dates.

Kazuya and Chizuru on a high school costume date

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