10 Best Quotes From My Dress Up Darling That Will Get You Thinking

My Dress Up Darling is a High School Romcom Anime. It’s the Biggest New Hit of the summer. The anime follows the story of the MC Wakana Gojo who is passionate about designing clothes for Hina Dolls. But due to a Childhood Trauma where one his friend thought he was weird and rediculed him for loving Hina dolls being a boy, he lives a Dormant(loner) life.

He has an unexpected encounter with Marin Kitagawa where she finds out that Gojo is really into making clothes. Kitagawa has her own secret i.e she is into cosplay. She asks Gojo for help in making clothes for her cosplay.

Kitigawa lives in a totally different world than Gojo, she is popular, she is beautiful and she is outgoing. Its fun to see how these two character who are totally different from one another start to spend time together and grow closer to each other while doing cosplay.


Here are my Top 10 Quotes from My Dress Up Darling:  

1. Wakana Gojo quotes the relationship between hard work and result

Wakana Gojo quotes the relationship between hard work and result
“Just Because You Love To Do Something Doesn’t Mean That You Can Do It Well
You Can Work Hard But That Doesn’t Mean It Will Pay Off”
Wakana Gojo

2. Kaoro Gojo quotes 

Kaoro Gojo quotes
“Loving Something Doesn’t Makes It Easy To Do”
Kaoro Gojo



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3. Kaoro Gojo quotes Love

Kaoro Gojo quotes Love
“But Then Again It’s Beacuse You Love Working On Thing That You Can Stick It Out When Things Get Rough”
Kaoro Gojo



4. Kaoro Gojo quotes Happiness
Kaoro Gojo quotes Happiness
“When What You Do Makes Someone Happy That Makes You Wanna Keep Going Even If It’s Hard”
Kaoro Gojo
5. Marin Kitigawa quotes
Marin Kitigawa quotes
“When You Find Something You Are Really Excited About Does Gender Matter?” 
Marin Kitigawa                                                                
6. Wakana Gojo quotes beautiful
Wakana Gojo quotes beautiful
“I Don’t Say Anything As Pretty Or Beautiful Unless It Comes From The Heart”
Wakana Gojo

7. Marin Kitigawa quotes
Marin Kitigawa quotes
“It’s Fine Not To Compromise If There Is Something You Are Pretty Hardcore about”
Marin Kitigawa 
8. Marin Kitigawa quotes feelings
Marin Kitigawa quotes feelings
“If You Hide Your Feelings, They Will Eat You Alive” 
Marin Kitigawa
9. Wakana Gojo quotes everyone has something or the other to worry about
Wakana Gojo quotes everyone has something or the other to worry about
“We Can’t See What Others Are Feeling Inside, But Everyone Has A Lot Going On”
Wakana Gojo 
10. Marin Kitigawa from My Dress-up Darling quotes
Marin Kitigawa from My Dress-up Darling
“You Shouldn’t Say Yes To Things You Don’t Wanna Do”
Marin Kitigawa

This anime’s Theme is that you shouldn’t be ashamed about something you love just because others can’t relate to it. The anime talks a lot about Cosplays which I think truly Embodies the theme of the anime.

In Cosplay you are free to replicate any character you want, it’s not gender specific. That means a girl can can even cosplay a male character if she wants. That further explains why Gojo shouldn’t be embarrassed about loving Hina dolls just because he is a boy. 

You Are Free To Do Anything You Love.

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