Class of the Elite is a suspense, psychological thriller where adavced students enter into an elite high school where all that matters is merit.

The key element of the series that makes its so popular among the fans lies in it’s diversified character designs.

It’s obvious for this anime to have such well developed characters considering its title.

Some notable characters are:

> Kiyotaka Ayanokouji, the protagonist of the series and the master mind of class-D.

> Suzune Horikita aspires to gain class-A status but her tendency to distance herself and look down on others isn’t helping her case.

> Kikyo Kushida is a sick, demented and dual personality high school girl with chick features which say otherwise.

> Kakeru Ryuuen is the arrogant and ruthless villain of the series.

> Sae Chabushira is the class teacher of class-D who will cook up any lie to decieve the students to make them work towards achieving her obsessive goal of making it to class-A.

Here 12 Classroom of the Elite quotes from the above mentioned characters that fans shouldn’t miss:

1. Kyotaka Ayanokouji quotes

I don’t care what I have to do to win, I don’t care what I have to sacrifice, In this world winning is everything and in the end I am going to win – Kyotaka Ayanokouji

2. Suzune Horikita Quotes

Why do I have to hold back to match your mediocracy – Suzune Horikita

3. Sae Chabushira Quotes Regret

Don’t worry about me, my life is filled with so many regrets, one more won’t hurt – Sae Chabushira

4. Kyotaka Ayanokouji quotes Goals

Everything humans do is in service towards a certain goal – Kyotaka Ayanokouji

5. Kikyo Kushida quotes

Do you know what it feels like to realize that you are better than everyone else around you – Kikyo Kushida

6. Kyotaka Ayanokouji quotes to Suzune Horikita

There are limits to what a single person can do therefore you need to value human connection – Kyotaka Ayanokouji

7. Sae Chabushira Quotes

To have great power and to refuse to use it for your advantage is something only a fool would do – Sae Chabushira

8. Kyotaka Ayanokouji quotes Freedom

Throw away my freedom to keep my freedom – Kyotaka Ayanokouji


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9. Kakeru Ryuuen quotes Violence

In this world there’s nothing more effective than the power of violence, no matter what clever tricks you try to pull they will be crushed before the might of absolute violence – Kakeru Ryuuen

10. Kakeru Ryuuen quotes his Philosophy on Violence

Although people try to deny it, This world runs on violence and a person’s strength is determined by their capacity for it – Kakeru Ryuuen

11. Kakeru Ryuuen quotes Fear

Fear is the natural response of the weak, It’s simple if a person is subject to pain then it’s just a matter of time when it turns into fear – Kakeru Ryuuen

12. Kakeru Ryuuen quotes

Fear and pleasure are the two sides of the same coin separated by a hairs breath – Kakeru Ryuuen

The premiere of Classroom of the Elite season 3 is upon us. The third season of the series is supposed to start airing this July 2023.

Comment down below what are you guys looking forward to in season 3.

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