Wind Breaker is a story of how a boy at the lowest of low, hated by all, worth nothing but his fists became the hero of the town.

11 Wind Breaker quotes on Delinquency and Hooligans

1. Haruka Sakura quotes The Weak

I love the strong, got no interest in the weak. The weak who mistakenly think they’re strong, they disgust me.

2. Haruka Sakura has Officially put everyone on Notice

What goes on inside your head that makes you even think you’re strong? Remember my name and face! So that the weak will avoid me, and the strong will find me! I’m Haruka Sakura from Furin High School!

3. Haruka Sakura quotes in a Fight the Victor is decided by your Fists not by your Looks

Most people get disgusted or deny me without hearing me out. But how you look doesn’t matter in a fight.

4. Haruka Sakura is on his Mission to become the #Scum No. 1

The lowest of the low, hated by all others, and worth nothing but their fists. Fighting to become number one is the best thing ever. A battle to determine the scummiest of the scum that’s right up my alley.

5. You can’t get to the Top of Furin, never, because you’re Alone

I’m not so weak that I can’t win without relying on others!

6. Haruka Sakura quotes

Everyone always rejects and denies me. I don’t care, I gave up. But at the least, I want to find some value in me. If I beat the guy in front of me, then I’d be better than him.

7. Sakura quotes this is who I am, if you like then well & good and if you don’t like me it’s your loss

Unusual? I’m aware more than anyone else that I look weird. But what did I do to you because of that? This is… This is who I am! If I’m a powerful fighter, if I’m the strongest, I’m at the top, aren’t I? What does that have to do with being alone!?

8. Haruka Sakura protecting Kotoha Tachibana

Wait, why am I protecting her? Doing something for someone else never results in anything good. That’s why I don’t deal with other people.

9. The lowest of the low, hated by all others are now being loved and needed by everyone

What the hell? That sounds almost like they’re heroes of justice. They fight looking like that but they’re not feared or shunned, but actually accepted? What!?

10. I don’t need anyone, and don’t want anything to do with anyone!

Then, why did you bring out what Grandpa Yama forgot at my shop? Why did you save me? You haven’t given up on others yet. And you don’t need to give up. At the least, I’m looking your way, Sakura. So why don’t you look this way as well? If you do, I’m sure you’ll become what you want to be.

11. Delinquents playing Hero

Delinquents are trying to play the hero? If it’s about winning fights, even I can do that! What’s this Bofurin crap? What guardians of the neighborhood? That sounds totally awesome!

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