Can Eye Colours Of Anime Characters Tell Us About Their Personalities

Did you know the colours of your eyes can tell us a lot about your personality?

I guess that’s why our eye is called The Window To The Soul.

We perceive the world through our eyes first. The eyes are a reflection of our emotions. Our emotions and the way we perceive the world ends up shaping our personality. Don’t you agree?

If not then why don’t we check if this theory hold any grounds by having a look at the various eye colours of anime characters and if they match to their respective personality.

1. Ken Kanaki’s Emotionless Grey Eyes (Tokyo Ghoul) 

People with grey eyes are tormented with intense inner conflict of emotions. No matter the difficulty they always find a way to emerge victorious. They are said to be emotionless people. 

The anime character that comes to mind who fits this mold is none other than Ken Kanakia himself from Tokyo Ghoul. The animes Opening ‘Unravel’ is dedicated to the whole inner conflict of emotions that the character is going through, whether he is a ghoul or a human or even both (half ghoul and human).

He kepps saying that there is something inside me but I can’t seem to understand who is it. When Kanaki comes to make peace with the fact that he is a ghoul now he becomes stronger than ever but looses all sense of emotions. He allways has dull look in his eyes thereafter.

2. Kyojuro Rengoku’s Charismatic Golden Eyes (Kitmetsu No Yaiba)

The golden color resembles to people who are loyal, dependable and caring. They have a charismatic personality which makes people feel relaxed. Their caring personality shows great personal warmth to all the people they meet. They know exactly what is right and what is wrong and endeavour to follow the right.

Rengoku (The Flame Hashira) from Demon Slayer has indeed a charismatic personality. During the Mugen Train Arc, he didn’t even let a single passenger fall prey to the Upper Rank Demon Akaza shows how reliable he is.

He stood for what he believes in till the bitter end during his fight against Akaza. He was given the choice of becoming a demon or else he might loose his life. He didn’t even waver a little well aware of the outcome of this fight i.e he is going to die.

Rengoku is one The Most Respected Anime Characters Of All Time.

Golden eyes are not found in real life but people do have Amber eyes which are similar to golden ones. 

3. Kurisu Makise’s Purple Eyes Of Wisdom

Kurisu Makise's Purple Eyes Of WisdomThe colour purple signifies a person with wisdom. The following are characteristics associated with the colour purple.

  • You are the person others come for help.
  • Being needed motivates you
  • You have a charismatic personality which draws people towards you. 
Kurisu has every one of these qualities. She is the smartest mind in the anime even more than the main character Okabe.
Whenever Okabe (The protagonist of Steins-Gate) is out of ideas the first person he reaches out for help if her.
When Okabe said that he is sorry that he doesn’t have a way of saving her. Kurisu said, Thank you, no body has ever wanted me around so much”. This shows how much she likes being nedded by people around her.

4. Izuku Midoriya’s Passionate Green Eyes (My Hero Academia)

Izuku Midoriya's Passionate Green Eyes (My Hero Academia)

Green eye color is one of the rarest eye color in the world. It symbolizes intense passion. People with green eyes are said to be compassionate with everyone. They are quick and decisive as well. 
Izuko hero name Deku is the MC of the anime My Hero Academia. Even though he wasn’t born with a quirk of his own, he didn’t give up on his dream of becoming a superhero one day because of his unshakeable passion for the job. 
He is compassionate even towards his rivals/opponents. We have seen it even during the midst of battle. Deku while fighting Shoto Todoroki helps him understand that he doesn’t have to reject his father’s quirk cause its his own quirk not his father’s. He even goes to unimaginable lengths to help even his rivals
He is also quick to change his strategies according varying situations.

5. Naruto’s Blue Eyes (Naruto)

Naruto’s Blue Eyes (Naruto)

Blue eyes are the second most common eye colour in the world. It represents Eternal Youth. People who possess blue eyes are said to have a calm and peaceful personality. They are immune to pain and display great stamina. Blue eyes symbolizes knowledge
Naruto is the protagonist of the World Famous Anime Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. He is part of the top 10 most popular anime characters of all time. 
Naruto has one the longest battle stamina. You never see him run out of chakar. He faught the whole duration of the Fourth Great Ninja War for crying out loud. He doesn’t shy away from going the long distance if he has to. 
It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Naruto has conquered pain. He has witnessed countless deaths of his comrades but still manges to have an optimist attitude. According to him all these connections of his lost comrades are what makes him strong not weak. He had to conquer his inner hatred (pain in other words) to be able to control Kurama (The Nine Tail Fox sealed inside him). He has even defeated Pain in battle if you know what I mean.

6. Shoyo Hinata’s Brown Hazel Eyes (Haikyuu)

Shoyo Hinata's Brown Hazel Eyes (Haikyuu)

Hazel eyes are said to be “A Have It All Eye. If you have hazel eyes consider yourself the luckiest person in the world. The people with these eyes are considerate, strong, sensitive, mysterious and possess a determined personality along with great physical strength and stamina. You tend to go to unimaginable lengths when you are in theZone
Shoyo Hinata also known as the little Giant has unmatched stamina. He doesn’t even get tired when he has been jumping to score the whole game in volleyball. Whenever he is in the zone during a match he becomes unstoppable irrespective of how strong the opposition may seem. He somehow manages to tap into his inner reserves to go the long distance.

7. Mugumi Fushiguro’s Black Eyes (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Mugumi Fushiguro's Black Eyes (Jujutsu Kaisen)

People with black eyes are often secretive and do not like sharing much about themselves. They can be very passionate and loyal to especially toward their friends and family. They are not affected by emotional turmoil
Megumi is a young sorcerer from Jujutsu Kaisen, who is my personal favourite character from the series. He is your classic cold character of an anime. 
He never talks about his past life with any of his friends. He barely has any friends to begin with. But he will lay his life on the line to protect the few he has. He always keeps his friends at arms away so that they are not put under danger even when he knows that the whole situation is too much for him to handle all by himself. He is a pretty cool character if you ask me. 

8. Tanjiro Kamado’s Brave Red Eye (Kimetsu No Yaiba) 

Tanjiro Kamado's Brave Red Eye (Kimetsu No Yaiba) 

Red is considered a strong colour. Bravery and fearless attitude are two personality traits of people with red eyes. 
Tanjio is the main character from the No1 Anime Kimetsu No Yaiba in Japan today. Tanjiro keeps putting himself in life threatening situations while fighting demons to protect his friends and family from falling prey to the demon’s hunger.
He never backs down from any fight even when he is outmatched  by his opponents which has been the case with him in the series till now. He has faced the upper six demons of Kibutsuji in the Entrainment District Arc in season 2. His bravery is unmatched to any other character in anime history. 

9. Neji Hyuga’s All Seeing White Eyes (Naruto)

Neji Hyuga's All Seeing White Eyes (Naruto)

The colour white represents the most complete and pure colours. The characteristics of people with white colour personality is having emotional control, self reliance and having high expectations for yourself and others making you am overly critical person. 
Neji Hyuga is a prodigy of Naruto’s Hyuga Clan who poseess the Byakugan (meaning white eyes; All seeing white eyes). Byakugan is a dojutsu Kekkei Genkai of the hyuga clan. Neji is an extremely serious person. He never let’s his emotions get the best of him. He stays relatively calm in the toughest of situations. 
He despises mediocracy in people.

10. Kaori Miyazuno’s Indigo Eyes (Your Lie In April)

Kaori Miyazuno's Indigo Eyes (You Lie In April)

Following are the personality traits related to the color indigo:
  • You have an additive personality and may possibly be a workaholic
  • You are a certified show-off especially while performing. 
  • You can be obsessive at times. 
  • You like to be a free spirit than to follow any set of rules. 
Kaori is the main female protagonist from the anime You Lie In April. She is a free spirited violinist who aims to have an impact on every person who comes to watch her play. She isn’t detained by the rules and regulations of life. This can be seen in the way she plays her music. She frequently changes the rhythm, tempo, and pitch of every song despite the disapproval of the judges. But that doesn’t stop her from playing songs the way she wants to even if it goes against the traditional style of music. 
As we have seen a person’s personality can be understood by the colour of his eyes to some extent. The colour of our eyes are something that we don’t have control over. But having a personality that you desire is in fact in your own hands. Your eye colour doesn’t categorically define your personality. The way you choose to live your life defines how your personality turns to be. 
Comment down below whether the colour of your eye matches to your personality or not.