10 Female Anime Characters Who Overshadow Male Protagonists

10 Female Anime Characters Who Overshadow Male Protagonists

Anime is a rich and diverse medium that has given us countless memorable characters.

In the vast world of anime, there are numerous instances where female characters shine brilliantly and overshadow their male counterparts.

While protagonists often take the center stage, there are female characters who manage to captivate audiences and become even more popular than the main leads.

10 Female Anime Characters That Steal the Spotlight from Male Protagonists

1. Mikasa Ackerman (from Attack on Titan) is the most Badass Girl Anime character of all time

Mikasa Ackerman (from Attack on Titan) is the most Badass Girl Anime character of all time

Mikasa is a certified badass in Attack on Titan. Her unique combat skills, unbreakable determination, and fierce loyalty make her a extraordinary character.

Mikasa’s presence often outshines the male protagonist, Eren Yeager, as she fearlessly protects him and fights against the Titans.

Her determination and protective nature towards Eren Yeager have made her an instant favorite among fans, often stealing the spotlight from the show’s protagonist himself.

2. Makise Kurisu (from Steins;Gate) is Workhorse behind making Steins;Gate a time-travel Masterpiece

Makise Kurisu (from Stein's;Gate) is Workhorse behind making Steins;Gate a time-tavel Masterpiece

Makise’s intelligence, strong personality and vulnerability makes her a complex and compelling character.

She is a prodigy and has made significant contributions to the scientific community at a young age.

Makise Kurisu has gained popularity among fans for her intelligence, wit and emotional depth.

Her character has been well-received and has left an last impression on viewers and readers.

3. Kaori Miyazono (from Your Lie In April), is the reason why everyone keeps streaming the anime every April despite it’s Heart-breaking ending

 Kaori Miyazono (from Your Lie In April), is the reason why everyone keeps streaming the anime every April despite it's Heart-breaking ending

Kaori Miyazono is a free spirited and talented violinist.

She meets the protagonist, Kosei Arima, a former piano prodigy and becomes a catalyst for his return in the world of music.

Throughout the series, Kaori is portrayed as a lively and unpredictable character. She often acts on impulse, disregarding societal norms and expectations.

However, beneath that cheerful face, Kaori harbors a secret health condition that affects her ability to play the violin which is responsible for the bitter sweet ending of the anime.

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4. Shikimori (from Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie), Overwhelmed Izumi with her Coolness and Cuteness

 Shikimori (from Shikimori's Not Just A Cutie), Overwhelmed Izumi with her Coolness and Cuteness

Shikimori overshadows her male counterpart, Izumi, by being everything his not, cool as a prince, cute as a cupid, reliable, strong and smart.

The viewers of ‘Shikimori’s Not Just A Cutie’ anime keep falling for Shikimori’s charm every time she heroically comes to the rescue for her unlucky boyfriend.

So it’s not a big surprise that Shikimori made the list.

5. Yuno Gasai (Future Diary)

Yuno Gasai (Future Diary)

Yuno’s yandere personality and unwavering love for protagonist Yukiteru have captivated audiences.

Her unpredictability, unmatched determination, and iconic catchphrase, “Yuki,” have turned her into a fan-favorite, overshadowing the show’s protagonist in terms of popularity.

Yuno Gasai has gained significant popularity among fans of Mirai Nikki due to her complex and unpredictable nature.

Her character development, psychological depth, and twisted relationships with other characters have made her a memorable and controversial figure in the series.

6. Marin Kitigawa (from My Dress-up Darling)

Marin Kitigawa (from My Dress-up Darling)

Marin Kitigawa is immensely popular among all viewers of anime for her overwhelming beauty, charm, being a certified otaku for having interest in anime and being a hopeless romantic.

Kitigawa’s interest in watching anime and being obsessed with cosplaying her favorite anime characters and being totally clueless about love makes her so relatable to the audience.

Kitigawa is already immensely popularity and is on the road to becoming one of the most popular girl anime characters of all time.

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7. Revy (Black Lagoon)

Revy (Black Lagoon)

Revy, a gunslinging mercenary and member of the Lagoon Company, commands attention with her fearless and no-nonsense attitude.

Her fierce personality, troubled past, and unparalleled combat skills have propelled her into the spotlight, leaving the show’s protagonist, Rock, somewhat in her shadow..

Revy’s presence adds an intense and captivating dynamic to the series.

Revy’s portrayal as a strong, independent, and morally cryptic woman has made her a fan-favorite character in Black Lagoon.

Her complex nature, engaging backstory, and explosive presence in combat scenes contribute to her enduring popularity among viewers.

8. Asuna (from Sword Art Online)

 Asuna (from Sword Art Online)

Asuna is initially introduced as a skilled player in SAO and quickly becomes one of the main female protagonists of the series.

Asuna is known for her beauty and intelligence.

She is a natural born leader and demonstrates her strategic thinking and decision-making abilities through the series.

Asuna’s character resonates with fans due to her development, strength and unwavering loyalty to her friends and loved ones.

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9. Erza Scarlet (from Fairy Tail)

Erza Scarlet (from Fairy Tail)

Erza Scarlet is known for her exceptional skills as a S-Class Mage and her strict obedience to rules and order.

Erza is recognized for her remarkable ability to use Requip Magic, which allows her to instantly change armor and weapons during battle, adapting to different situations.

She possess immense strength, exceptional swordsmanship skills and powerful magic abilities.

Erza Scarlet has become a beloved character among Fairy Tail fans for her strength, bravery and unwavering loyalty, making her one of the most iconic characters in the series.

10. Ryuko Matoi (Kill la Kill)

 Ryuko Matoi (Kill la Kill):

Ryuko is a powerful and determined protagonist who seeks revenge for her father’s death. Ryuko’s journey of vengeance in Kill la Kill showcases her invincible spirit and fierce determination.

Her strength and character development often surpass the male characters in the series.

Ryuko’s unwavering determination to uncover the truth behind her father’s death and her relentless pursuit of justice make her an unforgettable protagonist.

Ryuko Matoi’s fierce and rebellious spirit, combined with her journey of self-discovery and her iconic battle outfits, have made her a popular character among fans of Kill la Kill.

These ten female anime characters defy conventions and steal the spotlight from their male counterparts with their strength, complexity, and captivating storylines.

From Mikasa Ackerman’s unwavering loyalty to Kaori’s wisdom and charm, these women leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Their impact on the storylines and their ability to overshadow male protagonists showcase the rich diversity and depth of female characters in anime.

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