Insomniacs after school anime is the hidden gem of this spring that features the always grumpy Ganta Nakami and the social and carefree Isaki Magari as its two main characters helping each other with insomnia.

The opening song of Insomniacs after school anime, “Itsu Aetara” (When we can meet) and specially its closing song “Lapse” are so comforting and heart-warming that listening to them calms your soul down. It also perfectly goes with the theme of the anime.

If you are unable to get any sleep at night just like our protagonists, Ganta Nakami and Isaki Magari then do check out these Insomniacs after school quotes to get you through your sleepless nights.

17 Insomniacs After School Quotes featuring from the (“We are Insomniacs” mini saga):

1. How many people in Japan suffer from sleep disorder?

They say one of every four people in Japan struggles with some sort of sleep disorder – Usako Kurashiki

2. Does Nakami have sleep disorder?

At night, I always feel wide-awake, I get in my bed and try to doze off. But I can’t sleep at all and time just passes by – Ganta Nakami

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3. Why is Nakami awake at night?

My inability to sleep causes a cycle of negative thoughts and I end up wide awake out worry and frustrationGanta Nakami

4. Insomniacs after school Nakami quotes despair

Then the sky gets bright and light seeps in through the curtains, the morning comes and I prepare for another day of despair – Ganta Nakami

5. Isaki from Insomniacs after school quotes the Side effects of sleep disorder

I can’t sleep at all at night and it drives me nuts. I get bad headaches during the day and feel super drowsy – Isaki Magari

6. Insomniacs after school Isaki quotes secret

I don’t want people to worry about me, which is why I have to keep it a secret – Isaki Magari

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7. Isaki quotes why she can’t sleep at night

But during the night, I am flooded with anxiety. I can’t shake the feeling that my heart might stop while I am asleep and that I’ll never wake up even after the morning comes. It’s distressing and scary – Isaki Magari

8. Isaki quotes to Nakami

The thing about me is that I’m totally fine during the day but when I’m alone in bed at night, there are times when I’m overwhelmed by awful anxiety – Isaki Magari

9. Usako quotes the reason behind people having sleep disorder

They know that sleep is important and feel pressured to get some, which results in stress building up – Usako Kurashiki

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10. Who’s messed up?

Any healthy person should get a good night’s rest. Otherwise it’s a sign they’re messed up somehow – Isaki’s Sensei

11. Nothing seems real anymore to Nakami

For some reason I’m wide-awake at night, but sleepy as hell during the day. Its so bad that nothing seems to feel real anymore – Ganta Nakami

12. Nakami from Insomniacs after school quotes struggles

Even though they don’t let it show on the outside, everyone struggles with some problem or another – Ganta Nakami

13. Nakami is Isaki’s late night buddy

Well, you can talk to me when you get worried at night! I will always be there to listen! – Ganta Nakami

14. Nakami will be there for Isaki no matter the time!

No matter how late it gets or what day it is! I will stay awake talking to you the whole time until you feel safe enough to fall asleep, oaky? – Ganta Nakami

15. Kurashiki from Insomniacs after school quotes Everything happens for a reason

I guess even the fact you can’t sleep at night might have some kind of meaning to it – Usako Kurashik

16. Kurashiki from Insomniacs after school quotes Talent

Even that tiresome personality of yours may bloom into a talent someday – Usako Kurashiki

17. Is it true, Flaws=Talent?

What people consider flaws are actually talents they yet have to find a proper use for – Usako Kurashiki

18. Nakami quotes sleepless nights

When I’m together with you I truly feel that even sleepless nights aren’t so bad – Ganta Nakami

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I hope these Insomniacs after school quotes helped you get through your sleepless nights.

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