Do you find yourself tossing and turning in bed, unable to fall asleep night after night? Insomnia can be frustrating and exhausting experience that affects millions worldwide.

But not for anime weeps cause there’s a new anime in town called Insomniacs After School which can be an unexpectedly helpful guide to overcome insomnia.

Insomniacs After School anime provides valuable insights and techniques to help you overcome insomnia and improve your sleep quality.

Insomniacs After School anime features two high school insomniacs, Ganta Nakami and Isaki Magari helping each other with insomnia.

10 Tips and Tricks from Insomniacs After School to help you Overcome Insomnia (featuring from the “We are Insomniacs” mini saga)

1. Limit your Worrying

Limit your Worrying:

There’s no way you will suddenly be able to get rid off all your worries. So rather focus on worrying as much less as possible.

Keep yourself busy, I know it’s easier said than done cause it’s extremely difficult to be busy at night which is actually the time to do nothing.

A lot of times when people can’t sleep at night is cause they worry themselves to death about if they will get any sleep tonight either or will the endless cycle of sleepless night continue its run.

Eventually your mind starts to presume that you can’t sleep at night.

At night, our protagonist Nakami finds himself wide-awake. He tries to doze off but has no luck catching any sleep and time just passes by.

His inability to sleep causes a cycle of negative thoughts and ends up wide-awake again out of worry and frustration.

2. Find out, why you can’t sleep at night?

 Find out, why you can't sleep at night?

The reason why Magari can’t sleep at night in the anime Insomniacs After School is that she’s afraid that her heart might stop while she is wide asleep and that she will never wake up even after the morning comes. It’s distressing and scary.

Once you pin point the root cause of your sleep disorder, you will be able to see a clearer picture of how you should go about tackling that problem.

Everyone’s different and their reason for not being able at sleep at night will also be different. No need to rush, take your time figuring out why are you an insomniac.

3. Plan Late Night Activities

Plan Late Night Activities

Whether you perceive not being able to sleep at night as a problem or as an opportunity to use that time to try out new things instead of worrying all night is upto you.

If you want to make the best of this opportunity then here are some late night activities to keep you company:

>Step outside and enjoy the night sky. Watching a night sky filled with glittering starts works wonders on your mind. Ask Nakami and Magari from Insomniacs After School anime they know.

>Roam around your neighborhood and have the whole place all to yourself.

>Read a book or Journalise

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4. Create a Sleep Promoting Environment

Create a Sleep Promoting Environment

Insomniacs After School anime features soothing, colorful visuals that please the eye, gentle and soft soundtracks that calm your soul and serene landscapes that can create a calming atmosphere.

The closing op of the anime is so calm and refreshing that it puts your heart at ease and makes you forget all your unnecessary worries.

Transform your bedroom into a sleep-friendly space by dimming the lights, using comfortable bedding and playing soft, ambient music.

5. Find yourself a Late Night Buddy!

Find yourself a Late Night Buddy!

We talked about earlier how Magari is afraid to sleep at night cause she thinks her heart might stop while she’s wide asleep.

This is where our hero, Nakami comes to the rescue as her late night buddy.

He assures her that no matter how late it gets or what day it is! He will stay awake talking to her the whole time until she feels safe enough to fall asleep.

So what are you waiting for, go find yourself a late night buddy.

6. You’re NOT Messed Up!

 You're NOT Messed Up!

The first and foremost important thing anyone with sleeping disorder needs to do in order to overcome insomnia is that they need to stop thinking that ‘there’s something wrong with you, that you’re messed up somehow’.

That kind of thinking will only get you over burdening yourself.

But the right kind of thinking goes a long a way in helping you sleep at night cause it immediately gets rid off all the unnecessary worrying that we talked about earlier.

7. Set a Night Time Routine

 Set a Night Time Routine

Its good to have a set daily night routine that promotes relaxation before bed.

Incorporate activities such as reading, taking a warm bath, practicing deep breathing exercises or even journalizing your thoughts.

Consistency is the key, so try to follow your routine every night to train your body to associate these actions with sleep.

Nakami and Magari suck at maintaining a proper sleep-friendly night time routine and that’s exactly why they are insomniacs? But don’t be like them, learn from their mistakes.

8. Anime as a Distracting Tool

Anime as a Distracting Tool

Watching an anime series and using it as a tool to distract oneself from anxious thoughts and worries could be another late night activity you could try.

When you’re lying awake in bed, try watching a calming anime episode or a light hearted series before sleep.

This can redirect your attention away from insomnia related concerns and help you relax.

We anime enthusiasts just need a reason to watch more anime and now we have one more.


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9. Get some Physical Activity in during the day

Get some Physical Activity in during the day

Getting some sort of physical activity done during the day like running, walking, playing a sport or jogging will tire you out.

The fatigue produced by exercising will signal your mind to sleep at night. If daytime exercising is a no-go for you then night time exercises are also quite popular these days especially for those with sleeping issues.

Even night time exercising sounds like a hassle then just try stretching. Stretching before bed is an excellent way to improve sleep quality and sleep duration.

10. You are Not Alone

You are Not Alone

By experiencing the characters journeys of managing insomnia it may help you find solace in knowing that you are not alone.

It’s comforting to know that there are people who go through the same shit as you every night.

When Magari and Nakami accidently discovered about each other’s sleeping disorder it made things a lot easier for them.

They still couldn’t sleep at night but those sleepless nights became a lot more fun though.


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Insomniacs After School anime offers valuable insights into sleep-related issue while providing a source of entertainment and inspiration.

Let Insomniacs After School anime guide you on your quest to peaceful slumber.

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The anime is currently airing and everyone is loving the series but are also worried at the same cause everyone’s concerned about Insomniacs After School ending. This anime could possibly pull a Your Lie In April or I Want To Eat Your Pancreas on us.

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