7 Life Changing Lessons From Madara Uchiha

7 Life Changing Lessons From Madara Uchiha

Madara Uchiha is the strongest villain from Naruto Shippuden. He was indeed a real life god and it would be shame if you don’t know him.

However, having god-like strength isn’t the only thing that he’s known for, his worldview, his take on life, peace and love are unraveling to say the least.

For example, his speech titled ‘Wake up to reality’ is world-renowned even among non-anime fans. 7 Greatest Speeches in anime that will give you Goosebumps.

Featuring from the ‘Lessons from Screen’ Saga, here are 7 Eye-opening revelations from Madara Uchiha that will inspire you to develop a new perspective on life

1. Life is unpredictable

Life is unpredictable

Wake up to reality! Nothing ever goes as planned in this cursed world. The longer you live, the more you realize in this reality only pain, suffering and futility exist.

Madara is popularly known for his iconic speech on ‘Wake up to reality”. He emphasises the unpredictability of life, how things never go how we plan them to and believing that things will eventually turn out how we want them to is like just a pretty lie we fed ourselves to stop trying.

He also says, the sooner you realize it the better that this reality is filled with only pain, suffering and futility.

So indeed, life is inherently unpredictable. No matter how meticulously you plan, there’s no guarantee you won’t be faced with unexpected events and challenges. Ask Madara, even after making a genius of a plan, he still failed in the end.

Life is full of ups and downs, with periods of joy, success, failure, and uncertainty.

However, it’s important to remember that even amidst life’s uncertainties, it offers both opportunities and challenges.

So will you give up in face of such obstacles or will you use this as an opportunity for growth, the choice is yours.

2. Love is inseparable from hatred

Love is inseparable from hatred

When a man learns to love, he must bear the risk of hatred.

Madara wasn’t wrong when he said when a man decides to loves someone, he should be ready to get hated too. This quote speaks to the inherent vulnerability that comes with love.

Love and hate are often seen as two sides of the same coin. Love and hate are inseparable from each other.

When you deeply love someone, you’re vulnerable to the risk of experiencing hurt or rejection. If things don’t go as hoped, you might find yourself being despised by the same person who once cherished you.

So, no matter how beautiful love might be always be aware hate is just around the corner and when the moment comes that beautiful love will turn into a nightmare of hatred.

3. Winners and Losers are two sides of the same coin

Winners and Losers are two sides of the same coin

In this world, wherever there is light- there are also shadows. As long as the concept of winners exists, there must also be losers.

When Madara fought Hashirama, Hashirama emerged as the victor, thus making him the winner and Madara the loser. This illustrates that in any conflict, there are winners and losers, a fundamental aspect of nature.

Consider this analogy: when your favorite football team wins the World Cup, they become the ultimate champions while all other teams inevitably assume the role of losers. Such is the essence of the life we lead.

You can’t have one without the other. Therefore, there’s little point in complaining about the reality.

You always have a choice: either resign yourself to being a loser or strive diligently toward becoming a winner.

4. You can’t show your true self anymore

You can't show your true self anymore

People cannot show each other their true feelings. Fear, suspicion and resentment never subside.

Have you ever wondered why some people keep their true selves hidden? Well, the answer is simple: they’re afraid of being judged by others.

The Uchiha clan, to which Madara belonged, was constantly ridiculed and judged for their motives and powers. Despite using their powers to protect the village, people were still afraid of them.

Everyone has things they prefer to keep private, whether it’s insecurities, a difficult past, or fears.

In our world, judgment is unavoidable. Regardless of whether our actions are right or wrong, we will still face judgment.

Being judged is the price we pay for living in this world.

5. Hope is an excuse for not trying

Hope is an excuse for not trying

The concept of hope is nothing more than giving up. A word that has no true meaning.

Madara Uchiha firmly believed in taking action rather than relying solely on hope. He emphasized working diligently towards goals and dreams rather than passively wishing for them to materialize.

According to him, relying on hope is a sign of defeat, serving as an excuse for not persisting in the pursuit of one’s objectives.

Hope is often seen as the belief that circumstances will align favorably and efforts will be rewarded in the end.

However, simply hoping for desired outcomes without actively working towards them is deceptive, as life rarely unfolds according to plan.

Instead of relying on hope alone, Madara advocated for taking initiative and actively pursuing goals.

Even in the face of challenges, he encouraged persistence and continuous effort, asserting that hope should not be an excuse for inaction.

6. Power means making things happen

Power means making things happen

Power is not will, it is the phenomenon of physically making things happen

Madara intended to convey that power is the capacity to convert one’s intention or want into concrete action or outcomes, rather than just possessing the desire or intention to accomplish a goal.

To put it another way, Madara’s will or aim was to create a world full of love and peace; he used his power to instigate the fourth Great Ninja War in order to carry out this dream.

Strength or power isn’t only about wanting to do something; it’s about being able to make things happen.

7. Don’t improvise what you can’t handle

 Don't improvise what you can't handle

Don’t improvise what you can’t handle

Whenever he attempted to take on tasks that were beyond his capabilities, Madara would constantly watch out to make sure he didn’t bite off more than he could chew.

It’s actually a great piece of advice that suggests caution and mindfulness in one’s actions. It implies that it’s important to know one’s limits and capabilities before attempting something new or unfamiliar.

It’s unwise to attempt tasks or activities for which you lack the necessary skills or expertise.

In such cases, it’s better to stick to what you know or seek guidance from someone more experienced.

In the end, biting more than you can chew was Madara’s downfall, when he got way too greedy and attempted to absorb the entire chakra tree resulting in the incarnation the Goddess, Kaguya.

Always be mindful of what you reach and what you can’t.

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