6+ Life lessons from Zom 1oo: Bucket List of the Dead

Zom 100 chronicles the daily life of Akira Tendo, a man who has reached his breaking point while working for his exploitative company.

Just when it all seemed hopeless, a zombie apocalypse appears, leaving him to wonder if he is now free and does not need to report to work.

Zom 100 is an inspirational anime series that uses its wide cast of characters through a thought-provoking narrative to impart important life lessons to its viewers.

6 Life lessons from Zom 1oo: Bucket List of the Dead

1. Burnout is a Real ft Akira Tendo

1. Burnout is a real ft Akira Tendo

Burnout is a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion caused by prolonged stress or pressure, often related to work or other responsibilities.

Akira was pushed to his limits when had to work to the bone due to long working hours, workplace bullying, overworking, and unfavorable working conditions at his current employment.

Let me give a typical response from their boss regarding their working conditions,

You woke up with a 100-degree fever? You feel like you’re gonna die from overworking? Come talk to me when you’re actually dead. No one leaves until we’re all done.

As a result, employees fell into depression, losing even the basic ability to make simple decisions. 

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Unfortunately, if you do find yourself in the clutches of burnout then

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2. Quitting is the right choice sometimes ft Akira Tendo

2. Quitting is the right choice sometimes ft Akira Tendo

If your current employment is causing you to lose your sanity, it’s best to say “no.” Never forget that your efforts should be proportional to what you get.

If you’re getting the benefits you desire and don’t mind exhausting yourself then good for you.

However, if the job you’re pursuing isn’t worth it, doesn’t align with your future aspirations and also is making you miserable in the process then it’s time to press the breaks and call it quits.

Unlike Akira, we won’t be fortunate enough to experience a zombie apocalypse which drives us to make the right decision and quit our exploitative jobs.

Live life on your terms; it doesn’t matter if you decide to leave your employment. Nobody ever promised that everything you attempt will be a good fit for you.

3. Start crossing off things from your Bucket List ft Akira’s bucket list of 100 things to do before he turns into a zombie

3. Start crossing off things from your Bucket List ft Akira's bucket list of 100 things to do before he turns into a zombie

A bucket list is a collection of goals, dreams, and experiences that an individual hopes to accomplish or experience within their lifetime.

Everyone has a unique set of things they wish to accomplish before they kick the bucket like:

  • Travel to specific destinations
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Skydiving or bungee jumping
  • Learn a new language

Through Akira’s journey, we as the audience are reminded that everyone has just one life to live and that everyone will pass away at some time.

Why don’t we spend our time going after our own goals then? rather than devoting time and energy to making someone else’s dreams come true? 

Time waits for no one, so before the clock stops, start crossing items from your bucket list.

In your final moments, you may either regret your decisions and wish you had gone skydiving or to Japan, or you could be grateful that you had managed to achieve those goals. The choice is yours.

4. Life is supposed to be fun ft Kencho

4. Life is supposed to be fun ft Kencho

Kencho from Zom 100 takes advantage of the zombie apocalypse to pursue his career as a stand-up comedian.

He makes the most of today by living in the moment and enjoys life like there’s no tomorrow.

Always remember that life is meant to be enjoyable, therefore begin concentrating more on living than worrying whenever you’re under a lot of strain.

Life is a one-shot deal; if you blow it, there are no second chances because time waits for no one.

What possible excuse is there for us to not enjoy life if Kencho can find joy and happiness amidst of a zombie apocalypse?


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5. Family is everything ft. Akira Tendo

5. Family is everything ft. Akira Tendo

Everyone should prioritize their family above all else.

They are the ones who have supported you the most; they’re the ones who helped shape the person you are now; they’re the ones who drive you to keep working so hard; and they’re the ones who have a greater desire for your success than you do.

When Akira relocated to Tokyo to start a new life, he left his family behind in the countryside.

Now that the zombie apocalypse has caused him to quit his job, he no longer has anything holding him back from going to visit his family. He takes this time off to reunite with his family and pay them back for what they did for him. 

Don’t let the chance to spend time with your family pass you by; create time if you don’t have any.

Trust me when I say that nobody is ever so busy that they can’t find time to visit their parents.

Before time runs out, create as many memories as you can, so when it does, your heart will be filled with their memories rather than regrets.

6. Overthinking does more harm than good ft. Shizuka

6. Overthinking does more harm than good ft. Shizuka

Shizuka from Zom 100 is a victim of overthinking.

Shizuka is smart, calculating, and strategic. She determines the best course of action by first analyzing the circumstances and formulating potential answers.

Everything is well and dandy up to this point—it’s always better to be safe than sorry—but Shizuka continues to overthink her strategy even when she was the one to construct that plan.

Making a plan is not the same as overthinking things. If you have a strategy, follow it and trust that it will succeed rather than worrying excessively about whether or not it will turn out as you had anticipated.

Overthinking is like a rocking chair – it gives you something to do but gets you nowhere.


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So stop overthinking and start living,
Every moment’s precious, don’t let it slip away,
Empty the bucket before you kick it,
Fill it with laughter, love, and wit,
Chase your dreams, don’t let it slip away.

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