‘My Happy Marriage’ anime features Miyo Saimori as its protagonist who lives her life bowing down, taking abuse especially from her step-sister Kaya, living a disturbing and painful life for not inheriting psychic abilities despite being the daughter of the head of the family.

Despite Miyo’s tragic backstory, she’s surprisingly quite relatable to the viewers of My Happy Marriage anime.

Just like Miyo is experiencing a roller-coaster of emotions her entire life, sometimes we too experience those emotions in our lives as well like,

  • When we feel underappreciated or undervalued
  • Or when we think we are not doing enough
  • Or when we think we are living a meaningless life
  • Or when we keep clinging to hope for happiness, well aware that ray of hope may never shine on us.

So, I hope these My Happy Marriage anime quotes about love, life, pain and loneliness could be your last ray of hope you have been looking for

1. Miyo Saimori quotes

In the rain of dancing petals I cried always, alone. The gentle warm of the sun and the spring, the summers lights through the trees, the bright glow of autumn through cloudy skies, the morning sun on winter snow, no trace of light ever finds its way to me!

2. Miyo Saimori quotes Happiness from My Happy Marriage anime

Happiness felt like a cruelty always beyond my reach. Every brief hope would vanish before my eyes

3. My Happy Marriage anime Miyo quotes Destiny

It all felt so meaningless if this was the person I was destined to be, why was I born at all?

4. Miyo Saimori quotes Hope

Why do i continue to hope? Why do I yearn to be accepted, to exist as one of them, all I want is a bit of peace?

5. Miyo is just a servant

Why bother with asking me at all, I’m basically their servant, I’ve no choice in the matter.

6. All I wanted was to save your life

I only ever wanted to save you, to spend all our days happy together like when we were kids, l only wanted us to be happy!

7. Kiyoka Kudo quotes

An abusive step-mother, who hates her and no love from her father. She endured all that alone. Giving her a few new kimonos and gifts couldn’t heal any of this. These scars are way too deep.

8. Miyo Saimori from My Happy Marriage anime says her final good byes to her mother

Miyo Saimori from My Happy Marriage anime says her final good byes to her mother

My mother’s cherry blossoms tree, I could always come here when I was sad or afraid, was the only comfort I had in this place but I won’t be able to come here anymore. Thank You for the always loving me, Good bye mother.

9. Love at first sight!

From the moment I saw him, I felt something shift. What once was a dark space in my life had a sliver of hope. A flower so small blossoming through the snow

10. Kiyoka Kudo quotes Who’s the boss?

While under my roof you will obey me no matter what. If I tell you to leave, you leave, if I tell you to die, you die!

11. Miyo isn’t a nuisance to Kiyoka

There is no need to think that you will ever be a nuisance. I’ll never think that of you, I’m the one who wanted you here, understand.

Out of all the new anime series airing from this summer anime lineup, My Happy Marriage has the best first episode except Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead.

The viewers of My Happy Marriage anime are in lost of words after just watching the first episode due to its stunning visuals, emotionally charged storyline and relatable protagonist.

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