Oshi No Ko is one of the most popular anime of this spring.

It’s opening song ‘Idol’ has been the talk of town as it has shattered several YouTube and Spotify records.

The theme of the anime, centering around the “life of idols” has enabled it tap into the lives of untouched audiences who were familiar with idols but were alien to anime. It has brilliantly grabbed the attention of viewers from the idol industry and added them to their own existing anime audience.

12 Quotes from Oshi No Ko about Love and Lies

1. Ai Hoshino, the Ace of the idol group B-Komachi quotes Lies are weapons

The idol fan is one who wants to be skillfully lied to. In the world of idols, lies are weapons – Ai Hoshino

2. Who are Idols?

Idols are objects of worship, you know? They sparkle through the magic of lies – Ai Hoshino

3. Ai Hoshino quotes Lies are Love

Lies are the most exquisite love! – Ai Hoshino

4. Oshi No Ko Quotes Ai

Piling on lie after lie, we look happy as we sing on stage no matter what struggles we might face. What a fun job! – Ai Hoshino

5. The Art of Lying

The way I narrow my eyes, the corners of my mouth. It’s all calculated. I’m always putting on the smile that will please people the most. I am… made up of lies after all – Ai Hoshino

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6. Ai the super ace of her idol group quotes

The impression of idols was pure beings who flash smiles and bring smiles to everyone’s faces. The polar opposite of me, a people-hating liar – Ai Hoshino

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7. Lying is a talent

Lying is fine. In fact, pretty lies are what fans want. Lying is a talent. It’s all good. Go on and lie up a storm – Ichigo Saitou

8. Ai realizes that lying is fine

That’s really alright? Even if it’s a lie, it’s okay to say “I love you – Ai Hoshino

9. Oshino No Ko Quotes Ichigo Saitou

If you sing and dance while looking cute, that on its own is an expression of love for the fans – The Producer, Ichigo Saitou

10. Ichigo Saitou quotes the truth

Plus, as you continue saying, ‘I love you’ the lie might actually become the truth – Ichigo Saitou

11. Ai Hoshino quotes

I don’t have a good grasp of what it means to love someone. So instead I told pretty lies that would please everyone always hoping that one day those lies would become the truth – Ai Hoshino

12. Oshi No Ko Ai quotes trying her best

I tried my best, worked hard and lied with everything I had. To me lies are love – Ai Hoshino

After watching Oshi No Ko, I have come to realize that I that the idol life is indeed glamorous on screen but it may not be the full story. Is it really that glamorous or just a pretend one, beautifully concealed behind their lies.

There’s no definitive way of finding out what goes behind the closed doors of this glamorous industry.

I would like to hear your thoughts on this. So don’t forget to comment down below.

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