10+ Oshi No Ko Quotes About The Reality Behind The Glamorous Life Of Idols

10+ Oshi No Ko Quotes About The Reality Behind The Glamorous Life Of Idols

Oshi No Ko, possibly the biggest new hit of this spring features Ai Hoshino the super ace of her idol group B-Komachi who is trying to make a comeback into the industry after a unplanned haitus.

Oshi No Ko’s premiere was the best prologue or intro I have ever seen. The guts of the studio Doja Kobo to give the audience a 90 minutes intro making that episode into a movie in its own right was bold and courageous.

11 Oshi No Ko quotes about the reality behind the glamorous lives of idols

1. Oshi No Ko Ichigo Saitou quotes smile

In this industry, lies and self interest are concealed behind the smiles – Ichigo Saitou


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2. Oshi No Ko quotes Ichigo Saitou

To get the very best performance out of every single performer, even the staff will lie if needed be. That goes for the big shot too. They act like they are making something great but they only look at numbers – The Producer Ichigo Saitou

3. Oshi No Ko quotes Director

It’s Fine to dream of the entertainment Industry but it’s the best not to have illusions about the entrainment industry. This isn’t a place for art but rather one for business – Director

4. Ai Hoshino Quotes

No one realizes it but we’ve got our own feeling and lives, too – Ai Hoshino

5. Oshi No Ko Ai quotes Happiness

Happiness as a mother and happiness as an idol. It might be normal to have only one but I want both – Ai Hoshino

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6. Taishi Gotanda quotes

In the entertainment industry, you can’t make it unless you have something special that allows you to compete all on your own – Taishi Gotanda

7. Oshi No Ko quotes Aqua

Song royalties and TV appearance fees are split between the members, concerts come out in the red if the merch doesn’t sell well. And clothing expenses are deducted from their pay. Only a selected handful idols pull in one million a month – Aqua

8. Miyako Saitou quotes

Despite graduating from the idol groups due to a desire to do solo work, there are tons of ex-idols who are unable to secure jobs on their own, work at high end food and drink establishment in Roppongi or become Minato girls scraping by via getting paid to go out drinking, you know? – Miyako Saitou

9. Oshi No Ko quotes Mangaka

All the manga artists who’ve had their work adapted say, not to have overly high expectations – Oshi No Ko Mangaka

10. Gorou Amemiya quotes beautiful

Observing something beautiful is good for one’s health – Doctor Gorou

11. Oshi No Ko Aqua quotes

This environment where my favorite idol is doing her darnest to pamper me, deeply touches the heart of the tired working adult inside me – Aquamarine

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