The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You is an insane story about Rentaro Aijo, the certified Rejection King who gets rejected by 100 girls in a row.

However the God of Love tells him that he’ll meet 100 soulmates in high school for his bad luck.

But it turns out he has no choice but to date those 100 soulmates otherwise that soulmate will die.

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1. How to know if the person you just met is your soulmate?

When 2 soulmates meet, a sudden shock runs through their bodies and they instantly fall head over heels for each other. It’ll be love at first sight, as they call it.

2. Men vs Women

But it bears noting that women will know the very moment this happens, while men will only realise it gradually over time.

3. Is having a soulmate a blessing in disguise?

Having a soulmate is such a blessing, it uses up a whole lifetime’s worth of good luck. As such, if one fails to match with them, only misfortune awaits.

4. What’s the price for meeting your soulmate?

When a person meets their soulmate, they can love each other and be together. But if that doesn’t come to pass, all sorts of horrible stuff happens to them and they die.

5. You choose, one shall live, one shall die

So, if I go out with one of them then the other will die.

6. Rentaro is in an urgent need of a girlfriend

Guh, I want a girlfriend so bad! I wanna have fights throwing love bombs at each other instead of snowballs! And I wanna have normal snowball fights, too!

7. Rentaro’s Unbeatable streak of Rejections 100-0 #loosing

I’m amazed you’d the nerve to keep going after the first ninety-nine rejections. I present you with this knighthood ‘Sir flirts a lot’.

8. Why does Rentaro keep getting rejected left and right?

You’ve got the looks and you’re going athletic. You’re nice to everyone and popular with both boys and girls. Then why do u keep getting rejected?

9. Rentaro wants to try Two-timing

I love you both so much, I couldn’t pick only one! I may be two-timing but I’ll not hurt you. I’ll put in every drop of blood, sweat and tears and make you the happiest girls alive! So, I’m begging you two! Please go out with me!

10. Hakari isn’t bothered by Rentaro two-timing her

I’m hopelessly in love with Aijo-kun. I can’t even imagine falling in love with anyone else anymore. If it’s between this and rejection, then being two-timed is but a trifling issue.

11. Who will be Rentaro’s First Kiss?

I love you so much. And I know this is selfish of me, but I want my Girlfriends to get along. So, if my first kiss causes you two to fight over it, then I’d rather throw it in the trash

And so begins Rentaro’s unprecedented pure-love harem life. But we mustn’t forget; There are 98 more soulmates to come!

What will Rentaro do? Will he leave the rest of this endless barrage of soulmates to die?

Or Will he choose to love every single one? Is he gonna go for a century?! Are you gonna be hundred-timing, Rentaro?!