10 The Foolish Angel Dances with the Devil Quotes that will Lift your Day

10 The Foolish Angel Dances with the Devil Quotes that will Lift your Day

A demon from hell named Masatora Akutsu has infiltrated Earth in search of a charismatic leader to rally his followers in hell against their battle against angels from above.

On his first day, though, Akutsu finds himself falling in love with Lily, who isn’t who she seems to be.

Best Quotes from The Foolish Angel Dancing with the Devil that will lift your day

1. Love at first sight between a Demon from hell x a Angel from Heaven

I was stopped dead in my tracks by the silkiness of her hair with a bored look in her Ruby eyes, her perfectly shaped nose and those cherry blossom lips – Masatora Akutsu

2. The Cool boy’s charm

The Cool boy's charm

Leave it alone fellas, you’re scaring the poor lady. Treat her the way you nerds treat microscopic slides, girls like her require a delicate touch – Masatora Akutsu

3. A demon talking about love is hilarious

You make me laugh speaking of a demon loving hearts, talk of love is reserved for angels and idiots, is it not? I don’t have time for that nonsense – Lily Amane

4. The Rap Battle

You’re cramping my style being around you makes me grumpy for a while, I wish you would get up and go because you’re a stressful asshole – Lily Amane

5. Mic drop!

You really shouldn’t mumble it just makes me sad and ready to rumble. Your sad attempt at being clever has left me more sad than ever – Lily Amane

6. The Demon’s flirting game is on

Did I catch you in time? It would be a shame if you bruised your face. It’s just too cute – Masatora Akutsu

7. Angels aren’t so bad, I guess

Not only she spares demon’s lives, but also she smiles with them and poses for cute photo. Nothing like the horrible pictures if cruelty I had seen from angels before – Masatora Akutsu

8. Demon must be rewarded for his intense labor

You did great work for me today, demon and good boys like you deserve a treat. You’re so worked up, isn’t that adorable, are you ready? – Lily Amane

9. Life in hell isn’t that glamorous

I wasn’t doing too well in hell, meeting all sorts of people in this world has me feeling fulfilled. So I want to focus on work when I’m working and fully enjoy myself in everything else. Unlike in hell, everything here is blindingly bright – Masatora Akutsu

10. Lily quotes

I’d decided to climb the ladder of my ambitions, I was ready to do anything to make that happen. I never thought I’d be reminded by a demon that I can’t let myself stop here – Lily Amane


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