Weathering with You: A Day In The Life Of Two Teenagers Living Alone In Tokyo

Weathering with You: A Day In The Life Of Two Teenagers Living Alone In Tokyo

Teenagers facing the challenges of living alone is a subject that resonates with many young people in today’s society.

“Weathering with You,” a critically acclaimed anime film directed by Makoto Shinkai, beautifully captures the essence of these struggles and showcases the resilience, courage, and determination of teenagers navigating life’s storms on their own.

The story features Hodaka Morashima, a runaway from home to Tokyo to escape his suffocating home town life where he encounters a girl with weather manipulation abilities, Hina Amane.

Featuring from the “A Day in the Life” Saga, Weathering with You: Depicts Real life Struggles of Two Teenagers Living Alone In Tokyo

1. Good Luck finding a Job with No Id

Good Luck finding a Job with No Id
Hodaka struggling to find a job without Id

Hodaka soon comes to the realization that it’s impossible to find a job without proper id.

Since Hodaka is a teenager he can’t disclose his Id to job recruiters cause they are skeptical of hiring minors.

It’s even worse for Hina, cause to find a job she usually lies about her actual age on job applications. So she often gets shady job offers.

2. Can’t Live Alone

 Can't Live Alone
The police paying a visit to Hina

Hina being a minor is forced to be on a constant run from the police cause its illegal for minors to live alone without a guardian.

If the police finds Hina and her younger brother they will probably be sent to child care centers where they probably be separated.

Even staying at a hotel is next to impossible without ID.

Finding a job is already next to impossible and now on top of that even if they somehow manage to get a job to pay for their living expenses. They can’t find a place to live despite having the money.

3. Low Key Dinner

Low Key Dinner
This is Hodaka’s dinner

Hodaka being a runaway from home with depreciating savings unable to find a job. Now has to cut back on food.

He now has to cut back his spending on food as much as possible. Hodaka should definitely forget eating any healthy meals.

It’s tough for teenagers living alone to arrange healthy and nutritional meals for themselves and even more if there’s a money crunch.

4. Good bye high school!

 Good bye high school!
Hodaka in high school

The moment Hodaka ran away from home, he knew going back to high school wasn’t a choice for him anymore.

For Hodaka it was a deliberate choice, he was fine with missing out on high school life because it was unbearably suffocating for him.

However, for Hina, it wasn’t a choice but a necessity. She had no choice but leave high school and work anywhere she can to make a living for her younger brother and herself. To make sure her younger brother gets to go to middle school.

5. Miss out on doing Teenage stuff

 Miss out on doing Teenage stuff
Hodaka is the right guy for the job

When you are a working teenager like Hodaka and Hina living like working adults things are sure to get hectic.

Instead of enjoying youth like a normal teenager, they spend all their time and energy working.

Thus they miss out on doing teenage stuff like for example doing fun-activities like visiting an amusement park or being part of high school clubs or just hanging out with friends.

Hina works day in and day out and nevers finds the time to do stuff that girls of her age are into.

6. Household Chores and Responsibilities

Household Chores and Responsibilities:
Hodaka cooking dinner for everyone

Teenagers living alone must take on the full responsibility of managing household chores and maintenance.

From cooking meals to doing laundry and cleaning, they have to handle everything independently.

This newfound responsibility can be overwhelming, especially when coupled with other challenges they face daily.

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7. Coping up with Loneliness

Coping up with Loneliness
Hodaka is all alone

Living alone as a teenager can be an isolating experience. In “Weathering with You,” the characters navigate a world where they feel disconnected from their peers and struggle to form meaningful connections.

Hodaka and Hina, the female lead, find solace in each other’s company as they navigate the hardships of their respective situations.

The film emphasizes the importance of companionship and the longing for human connection that teenagers living alone often feel.

8. Bearing Responsibility at a Young age

 Bearing Responsibility at a Young age
Hina needs to take care of his younger brother

Taking on adult responsibilities at a young age is a challenging aspect of teenage life, especially for those living independently.

“Weathering with You” explores the theme of responsibility through the characters’ need to support themselves and make difficult decisions.

Hodaka’s journey reflects the courage it takes for teenagers to face the world on their own, while still grappling with their own uncertainties and limitations.

The film portrays the strength and resilience of young people who are forced to grow up quickly and shoulder adult burdens.

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9. Dreams and Aspirations

Dreams and Aspirations
The only person Hodaka cares about is Hina

Teenagers living alone often face unique struggles in pursuing their dreams and aspirations.

In the film, both Hodaka and Hina have dreams they strive to fulfill, despite the obstacles they encounter.

The movie highlights the determination and unwavering spirit of young individuals who refuse to let circumstances hold them back.

It serves as a powerful reminder to teenagers facing similar challenges that they can pursue their dreams, no matter how difficult the path may be.

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10. Find your own unique Way of Life

Find your own unique Way of Life
Hodaka and Hina starting their ‘Sunshine girl’ business

One of the main messages of the film is the importance of finding your own path in life, even if it means going against societal norms or facing challenges.

Throughout the film, Hodaka faces numerous struggles and hardships, including societal pressure, financial difficulties, and even the forces of nature itself.

However, he never loses sight of his goal and remains determined to carve out a life that is true to himself.

“Weathering with You” masterfully captures the real-life struggles of teenagers living alone and provides a poignant portrayal of their resilience, determination, and the emotional toll they face.

To all the precious teenagers out there, whether you are living alone or living with your family, with or without adult responsibilities, there’s only one thing I want to leave you with,

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