What is freedom? Our protagonist Eren Yeager from the most popular series on the planet Attack On Titan is on a quest to attain freedom. Before you try to understand what freedom means to Yeager? You should be familiar with the plot of the anime. I will now explain the plot of the anime for all the readers who aren’t aware, which I hope aren’t many? 

The walls of Shiganshina

Yeager along with his family and friends resides inside the humongous wall structures that confine them from making any contact with the outside world. They have no idea whether there’s even life outside the walls. No one dares to check it out for themselves either because none of them want to fall prey to the hunger of the Titans who run wild outside the walls.

Yeager wants to see the world outside the walls more than anything and if he has to slay every single Titan in doing so. Then that’s what he is going to do.

Here are 11 quotes by Yeager the Greatest Hope For Humanity turned the Greatest Nightmare For Humanity about what is freedom to him:

1. Eren Yeager quotes to Mikasa

“We are born free, all of us
Some don’t believe it
Some try to take it away
To hell with them”

2. Eren Yeager quotes Freedom

“Water like fire, mountains of ice

Lay your eyes on that
You will know what freedom is?”

3. What is Eren Yeager’s Motivation?

“I want to see and understand the world outside
I don’t want to die inside the walls
Without knowing what’s out there!”

4.  Eren Yeager quotes moving forward

“Fight to live
Risk it all
Even for a little greamer of real freedom”

5. Eren Yeager quotes that say to fight

“It doesn’t matter how cruel the world can be
Or how unjust Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!!”

6. Eren Yeager quotes We’re Free

“I can do this! No… we can do this!
Because we’ve all been special since the day we were born!
We’re free!”

7. Eren Yeager quotes to Mikasa and Armin

“On the other side of the wall
There’s a sea and just across the sea
Freedoms waiting”

8. Eren Yeager quotes to Mikasa and Armin

“On the other side of the sea
There are our enemies
If we kill them all
Will this all be over”

9. Eren Yeager quotes to Zeke

“Since the day I was born this is who I have been
If someone tries to steal my freedom from me
I will take their first without a second thought”

10. Eren Yeager quotes to Mikasa

“Do you know what I hate the most in this world?
Anyone who isn’t free
They are no better than cattle”

11. Eren Yeager quotes to Zeke

“This world was never our birthright
It’s a hell to be saved from!”

Eren Yeager Humanitiy’s Saviour pivoted Humanity’s Destroyer, in the final season of AOT. Everything Yeager did up till now was driven by his desire to attain freedom but somewhere down the line that desire of his got him on the verge of annihilating the whole world. He is on a mission to eliminate every sing person on the other side of the walls except for his friends. He is going to seize everyone else’s freedom to live in doing so Eren is betraying everyone just so that his friends can live longer lives.

In doing so has caused him to become the Antagonist of the anime. The hero also being the villain of a show is quite a rare feat to accomplish. In the 2022 Crunchyroll awards, Eren Yeager won the awards for the Best Protagonist and Antagonist. The only other character that has also achieved it is Light Yagami from Death Note.


Yeager keeps fighting because of his motivation to have freedom to see the world outside the walls. You could be fighting for your own freedom be it 
  • Freedom to follow your passion
  • Freedom to travel the world
  • Freedom to be with the person you want
Don’t give up on things that are close to you.
“Fight to make your dreams come true
  Fight to protect the people who are close to you
  Fight to live a life with no regrets
  Just Keep Fighting!”

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