The latest chapter 79 from Boruto: Naruto Next Generation manga has fans in complete awe of the brilliance of Masashi Kishimoto.

The last chapter of Boruto ended with Borushiki letting Kawaki escape. Kawaki eventually drains himself out of chakra fro using Sukunghikona for too long. Eida rushes to save Kawaki.

Let’s take a moment to understand what is Kawaki’s intention behind all this. Kawaii only cares about protecting Lord Hokage- Naruto well no surprises there. He is prepared to go to any lengths to make sure Naruto doesn’t die.

To keep Naruto safe, he needs to kill Borushiki. But Boruto is the Hokages’s son, so anyone trying to kill the Hokage’s son will not be well received.

Further, in the chapter, Kawaki is having a conversation with Eida why did he had to be the Hokage’s son? Why can’t he be a nobody like me? So if I kill him nobody will care.

Image via Masashi Kishimoto

Kawaki overwhelmed with emotions grabs onto Eida which leads to a sudden surge of power causing a never heard or seen phenomenon reversing their roles ( Eida is in love with Kawaki and him making surprise physical contact with him leads to the sudden surge of power).

Kawaki is now Uzumaki Kawaki and Boruto is the outsider, a nobody just plain Boruto. Kawaki and Boruto have swapped places and to make matters worse Kawaki instructs Eida to spread the word that Naruto died in the hands of Boruto.

Image via Masashi Kishimoto

Momoshiki keeps smirking in the background and questions Boruto, how it feels to lose everything. Momoshiki has waited way too long to say these magical words to Boruto. He already knew things will turn out this way that’s why he let Kawaki escape in the last chapter. He definitely has a brilliant plan up his sleeve, I just know it. What is it? We will have to wait for it.

Villain Boruto vs Hero Kawaki

In the time skip showed in the beginning of the manga, Kawaki and Boruto are fighting on the destroyed stone statues. In that scene Kawaki is the Protector/ Hero and Boruto is the Villain. This can be concluded from, if you look closely Kawaki is standing on the non-destroyed half of Naruto’s stone face and Boruto is standing on the destroyed half.

Boruto and Kawaki switch places, image via Masashi Kishimoto

Boruto characters who are immune to Eida’s goldy power of omnipotence:

  • Sarada
  • Boruto
  • Kawaki
  • Daimon
  • Naruto and Hinata
  • Sumire possibly
  • Sasuke
  • Himawari could also be immune as well and could work undercover for Boruto inside the village
  • Amado, if you look closely at the above picture Amado is staring at Sasuke so maybe he is immune too.

Boruto’s Time Skip is here!

The Boruto manga will finally be featuring the highly awaited time skip which was teased 6 years ago. All the storylines are falling into place to nail the perfect time skip. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and compare Naruto manga before Shippudden and Boruto manga:

  • Sasuke leaves the village and becomes a rogue shinobi in the process to carve his own path. Boruto being Sasukes pupil has become a rogue shinobi himself and will leave the village too.
  • Naruto believed in Sasuke and continued his quest to bring him back to the village. Sarada will be playing this role.
  • Uzumaki Kawaki will be protecting the village meanwhile.

This whole chapter has a Naruto Shippuden vibe to it.

Sakura and Sarada’s time during the time skip is darker than we thought:

Sasuke assisted Boruto in fleeing from the Hidden Leaf Village. Who is actually a so called traitor to the leaf. So Sasuke helping Boruto will not be well received.

Sasuke’s family i.e Sakura and Sarada’s may have to pay the price for Sasuke’s actions. Sakura and Sarada’s could possibly be banished from the hidden leaf village discarded as traitors. All this hatred towards them will only make Sarada’s mangekyou sharingan a lot more stronger.

The highly anticipated ‘Jougan’ will be in action post time-skip

The Boruto manga and anime anime have only shown few glimpses of the god’s eye ‘Jougan’ up til now. However psot time-skip Boruto will possibly have full control over his eye.

Fans are excited to see what kind of powers will the Jougan posses. Space time ninjtsu is an obvious one. Toneri will play a major role in Boruto’s awakening. Boruto may have to pay a visit to him during the time skip.

What to expect in the coming chapters?

  • Boruto is going to be haunted down by all the five great nations
  • He will feature in the Bingo book
  • Boruto vs Sasuke could be in the cards ( the old and classic Pupil vs Student showdown)
  • Boruto Timeskip is here

The Boruto Manga goes on 4 month long Haitus and will return with a brand new arc

The June issue of Shueisha’s V Jump magazine announced on Friday that Masashi Kishimoto and Mikio Ikemoto’s Boruto manga will go on hiatus starting in the magazine’s next issue, and will return in the magazine’s October issue, which should ship around August 20.

The latest chapter in English, however, stated on Viz Media’s app that the manga would return in September.

The extra time will allow the series writer, Masashi Kishimoto, and artist, Mikio Ikemoto, to prepare for the anticipated next arc, which may include a time-skip similar to Naruto Shippuden.

The Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime goes on a big break

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has officially announced that the anime will be bringing “Part 1” of the series to an end with Episode 293 of the anime airing on March 26th in Japan.

It was shortly confirmed soon after that there is a Part 2 of the anime now in the works for the future, but a release date has yet to be set for these new episodes just yet.

But this hiatus will ultimately strengthen what’s to come when the manga finally sets up Part 2 of the series.