In a world where magic rules supreme, an unexpected hero distinguishes himself from the others by possessing pure and unadulterated brute power instead of spells or sorcery.

Mashle: Magic and Muscles chronicles the adventures of Mash Burnedead, a young man who was born into a society where magical skill was everything—unfortunately, he lacks it.

However, have no fear- Mash has something even more powerful than that: an unmatched strength that defies all logic.

Get ready to laugh out loud with these Hilarious Mashle: Magic and Muscles Quotes

1. Mash Burnedead is a Genius?

Do you know why humans have arms? It’s so they can hold dumbbells. Do you know why humans have legs? It’s so we can deadlift barbells – Mash Burnedead

2. Dot is jealous of the handsome boy

You know me, no one hates pretty boys more than I do – Dot Barrett

3. This girl could use some therapy

Stop being so dense all girls are born as princesses, you’re suppose to tell us we’re cute when we ask. Any boy who can’t follow the rules should just die – Love

4. This daddy’s princess is way over in her head

My daddy told me that if I ever came across a boy who wouldn’t love and cherish me, I could go right away and kill him – Love

5. You tell her, Dot

Ohh, yeah then give your dad a message for me, tell him his full of crap – Dot Barrett

6. Chivalry is still attractive

Yeah, I don’t like picking on girls, you finished. So get lost before I change my mind – Dot Barrett

7. The serial killer logic

Couldn’t help it, he was being unreasonable. Besides after the first body what’s one more – Mash Burnedead

8. Pushy girl > Normie girl

Screw the normies, I love pushy girls, damn it – Dot Barrett

9. Are try-hard unpopular?

What a loser! I hate try-hard like you. In the end you’re just wanna be macho studs

10. I’ll let you on a secret- the trick to never loose a fight, you will never loose if you challenge someone who’s weaker than you

Having fun is to have a one-sided bullying of powerless creatures. I’ve no worries of getting injured myself. Truly one-sided – Innocent Zero


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