A brand-new romance anime called A Sign of Affection has made its debut as part of the anime schedule for Winter 2024.

The plot centres on a group of college students, with particular attention paid to Itsuomi Nagi, a travel enthusiast who enjoys learning new languages, and Yuki Itose, a girl with hearing loss.

Like the anime A Silent Voice, which featured a female protagonist with a similar situation, A Sign of Affection offers a novel viewpoint on a deaf girl’s days in her life.

Thus, it’s no surprise. We have learned a few important life lessons from A Sign of Affection.

7+ Meaningful Life Lessons from A Sign of Affection

1. The company is what matters! ft. A Sign of Affection x A Silent Voice

1. The company is what matters! ft. A Sign of Affection x A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice and A Sign of Affection both feature female protagonists who have had quite different lives despite sharing a similar disability.

In Shouko’s instance, she was severely teased by her classmates because she was deaf, which pushed her to decide to take her own life. On the other hand, Yuki has only ever received love, support, and kindness from her peers.

When someone asks you, what’s more important—the journey or the destination? The answer is simple: it’s neither one of the two, it’s actually the company.

Regardless of the situation, you will always have a great time with the right company. Make sure the people you select to be friends with value you for who you are.

2. Everyone deserves love ft Yuki x Itsumi-san

Everyone deserves love ft Yuki x Itsumi-san

To be loved by someone, there are no requirements that one must always fulfil in order to qualify.

Everyone has different styles, likes, and preferences, of course, but that isn’t what we are going into here. Yuki is not stopped from looking for romantic love just because she is deaf or hard of hearing.

Throughout the entire series, Yuki’s crush, Itsumi-san, makes sure to convey that point, whether it be by speaking to her in a sweater tone or by making considerate gestures like showing interest in learning sign language or standing on the side of the road where cars are passing by while strolling with Yuki.

Every time Yuki is around Istumi-san, she feels loved and appreciated.

3. Life is difficult only when you keep focusing on the Problems

Life is difficult only when you keep focusing on the Problems

A general rule of thumb is that life is difficult for everyone.

Throughout life, each person encounters a unique set of challenges, hardships, and adversities. However, what should we do now that we are aware of this?

The answer is a simple change of perspective: focus on the light instead of the dark. To put it another way, have fun in ways that will make your troubles seem little and quit concentrating on the problems.

Just like Yuki had two options about her hearing impairment: she could either begin to enjoy herself in spite of it, or she could continue to blame it.

Of course, Yuki chose the first option, she was born with that disability it was a choice, but living life on her terms was her choice.

We tend to lose sight of the fun in life because we are preoccupied with solving our difficulties.

During these times, we should take a step back and consider the greater scheme of things rather than worrying ourselves to death.

4. Travel more ft Itsuomi Nagi

Travel more ft Itsuomi Nagi

Itsuomi Nagi, the male lead, is an avid traveler who enjoys meeting new people, seeing new places, and learning about their customs and languages.

Japanese, English, German, and even French are among the languages that Itsuomi-san speaks.

It simply goes to show how important international travel is to you. He gives his audience the motivation to travel to their dream destinations and embark on their own experiences.

Whether or whether you speak their language is irrelevant; just show a little bravery.

5. Learning sign language is fun ft Itsuomi Nagi

Learning sign language is fun ft Itsuomi Nagi

A method of communicating without spoken words by using hand gestures, facial expressions, and body language is called sign language.

People with hearing impairments utilize it to communicate with those who can hear and with each other.

In order to interact with Yuki more successfully, Itsuomi-san is seen attempting to learn sign language.

To aid Itsuomi-san in learning sign language, Yuki even goes so far as to compile a book with all the signs complete with illustrations.

Although studying sign language is more enjoyable than learning any other spoken language, it still takes time and work to master.

6. You shouldn’t stop someone from doing something just because you think they’re unfit for it

You shouldn't stop someone from doing something just because you think they're unfit for it

Many times, we tend to extend our authority to people, whether they should do a particular thing or not, especially when that person is someone close to us.

Just like Oushi Ashioki, Yuki’s childhood friend, consistently discourages Yuki from pursuing any endeavor that would be difficult for a girl with hearing loss.

He believes that by discouraging her from pursuing such things, he is helping her but that’s further from the truth.

It is not his place to make those decisions; Yuki has the final say, even if he worries for her and believes she would be better off experiencing new things.

Like any girl in the world, Yuki is capable of making her own decisions and following through on them; even if she doesn’t succeed, it’s preferable to regret associated with not trying.

7. Love requires efforts ft Rin Fujishiro

 Love requires efforts ft Rin Fujishiro

Rin Fujishiro, Yuki’s best friend, is infatuated with Kyouya Nagi, Itsumi-san’s brother.

Her desire to advance her one-sided romance gets derailed by the fact that she gets cold feet at the very idea of asking for his phone number.

When they’re alone, she can never come up with anything fascinating to talk about and always ends up saying something cheesy.

Nevertheless, she never gives up and keeps working to turn her love tale around.

The conclusion is that it takes a lot of work and a lot more to tell someone you love them.

Being a hopeless romantic while lounging at home won’t help you find the love of your life.

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