10 best romance animes each with a plot twist
Romance Animes are widely loved by people from all age groups. Romance Animes are special because they make you feel stuff. You tend to fall in love with the characters. However not all romance animes are the same. Here are my Top 10 Romance Animes which are different in one way or another from all the other orthodox romance animes out there.

1. Tonikaku Kawaii: The One Where The MC Has To Marry The Girl First To Go Out With Her 

Nasa locks his eyes upon a goddess like beauty across the street. He was mesmirized by the girls overwhelming  cuteness, falls head over heels for her.  He follows her being totally clueless of  the approaching death truck towards him. Fortunately he is saved in the nick of time by this mysterious girl. 

He escapes death but suffers brutal injuries. He starts to loose consciousness while watching the girl slowly fading away. Despite his critical injuries, he rushes towards the girl with sheer willpower terrified of the thought that he might never a get a chance again to confess his feelings for her. He aks the girl if she will go out with him, the girl flabbergasted by his pure resolve  accepts his confession but on one condition that he has to marry her first. 
Its a fresh romance anime where you will see the characters try to develop feelings for each other while living together after marriage.
It feels like the anime is taking place in  a reverse order because you first date someone and then fall in love and the eventually get married but that’s not the case with this anime. 



2. Rent A Girlfriend: The One Where You Can Rent Any Girl As Your Girlfriend 

Rent a girlfriend is a Super Hitand Highly Popular Anime not only in Japan but also overseas in the United States and China. 
The MC Kazuya Kinoshita after being dumped by his girlfriend comes across a online renting site where he rents a  girlfriend to soothe his pain. The rented girl surprisingly turns out to be a fellow student and neighbour of his. The story follows how Kinoshita keeps renting the same girl again and again and how he eventually starts to fall for her. 
The plot is really unorthodox as you can rent any type of girl as your girlfriend you want which in ordinary romance anime will be impossible to do. 

3. Domestic Girlfriend: The One Which Depicts A Controversial And Conflicting Romantic Relationship Between Step-Siblings And Between A Teacher And A Student 

Natsuo Fujii has a crush on his teacher named Hina. Since he is unable to do anything about it, he takes the offer of a girl named Rui Tachibana to hve sex with him hoping that it might help him forget about Hina. Rui Tachibana is in it just for the experience not for any kind of love. 
However to Natsuo’s surprise Rui Tachibana(the girl he slept with) and Hina(his crush) turn out to be his future step sisters. So now he lives in a household with the girl he lost his virginity to and his first love
This anime has the craziest anime plot ever. This anime is R+ rated showing Mild Nudity. It is only for mature audience. 

4. Your Name: The One Where A Boy And A Girl Swap Bodies With Each Other 

Your Name has dope animation with amazing visuals and additive soundtracks. When the film was released it became the Third Highest  Grossing Anime Film of all time. 

The anime depicts a high school boy in  Tokyo and a high school girl in the Japanese countryside who suddenly  begin to swap bodies. The two characters are totally strangers to each other. The story follows how both of them try to live each others lives without distorting it

5. You Lie In April: The One With A Classic Love Triangle But In This One No one Gets The Girl In The End

A piano prodigy Kousei Arima has lost his ability of listening to the sounds of his own piano due to a childhood trauma. He meets a vibrant violinist Koari Miyasono. She starts to stir up troubles in his life by pushing him to be her partner to perform a duet. Arima eventually falls in love with Kaori but she is supposedly in love with his Best Friend Ryouta Watari. The anime has Classic love triangle that the romance anime are famous for. 
The anime takes you on a musical journey. It has amazing visuals and depicts the romance in manner no other anime can. It talks about following your passion but in your own unique way like every musician can play the same song in their own unique ways. 
The anime doesn’t have the best ending as the two characters don’t end up together. So to all the anime fans who can’t handle an anime with sad ending, I would suggest you don’t watch it. 

6. MY Dress Up Darling: The One Where A Popular Otaku Girl Falls For An Unsocial Guy

My Dress Up Darling is a High School Romcom Anime. It’s the Biggest New Hit of the winter. The anime follows the story of the MC Wakana Gojo who is passionate about designing clothes for Hina Dolls. But due to a Childhood Trauma where one his friend thought  he was weird and rediculed him for loving Hina dolls being a boy, he lives a Dormant(loner) life.
He has an unexpected encounter with  Marin Kitagawa where she finds out that Gojo is really into making clothes.  Kitagawa has her own secret i.e she is Into cosplay. She asks Gojo for help in making clothes for her cosplay. Kitigawa lives in a totally different world than Gojo where, she is popular, she is beautiful and she is outgoing. Its fun to see how these two character who are totally different from one another start to spend time together and grow closer to each other while doing cosplay.
The anime is filled with cringy moments, at one point you may even loose count. The best part about this anime is that nearly in all the episodes the screen time is only given to Gojo And Kitigawa, it doesn’t have a lot of side characters. The anime has been so beautifully made that you never get bored even when these two are characters are the only ones appearing in the episode. You don’t feel the need to want the anime to introduce more characters. 
Featuring just two characters in most of the episodes could possibly be a gamble but like it is said with Great Risks Comes Great Rewards

7. Masamune-kun No Revenge: As The Name Suggests It’s Revenge Love Story Filled With Vengeance

The Mc Masamune Makabe was rejected as a kid for his appearance by a rich and beautiful girl named Aki Adagaki. Masamune channels all his inner anger of rejection into becoming a handsome high school student determined to get his revenge one day. 
When Masamune transfers into Aki’s school. He puts his plan into action aiming to make her fall in love with him and then reject her. This high school romance anime gives a twist to the traditional romance animes. Here the character isn’t trying to impress the girl because he likes her but rather to avenge his lostt pride

8. Weathering With You: The One Where Two Teenagers Try To Live In Tokyo All By Themselves

Weathering With You falls under Slice of life, Fantasy and Romance genre of anime. It became the Highest Grossing Anime Movie of all time when it was released. Its my personal favourite anime movie of all time. 
The anime follows a runaway high school student Hodaka Morishima who meets a girl Hina Amano who strives to find work to sustain herself and her younger brother. This girl turns out to  be the Sunshine Girl, a girl with supernatural powers to clear the weather for limited amount of time (Tokyo at this time is under continuous rain throughout the year). 
However she is destined to a horrible future where she has to be scarificed in return for the good weather. As it is said With Great Powers Comes Great Responsibilities
As kid did you ever wonder, what would life be if I tried to live in a big city all by yourself. If yes, then you should watch this movie to know how it might turn out. 

9. Bottom Tier Character: The One Where A Bottom Tier Character Tries To Get A Life Of A Top Tier Character

Fumiya Tomozaki is Japan’s Best Playerin an online game Attack Families, Commonly known as “Tack Fam”. However he is not the best player in the game of life. He has proclaimed himself as the bottom tier character because of  the unfair rules of life and also because he lacks social skills to enjoy his high school life. 
However everything changes when he meets another top tier tackfam player Aoi Hinami( a girl from the same high school as his). But to his surprise she is not only good at playing video games but she also popular, smart and social. Aoi Hanami disappointed in seeing the real identity of the best player of tackfam. She challenges him to the greatest game of them all where Fumiya has to complete real life ordeals that are supposed to improve his social interactions and relationship status as well. 


10. Sword Art Online: The One Where The Characters Are Trapped Inside A Game 

Kirito the protagonist of the anime is trapped in an online role playing game  called Sword Art Online (SAO) along with many other players by the creator of the game. Now Kirito must coordinate with his fellow players to finish the game in order to return to the real world. Here’s where he meets Asuna who commands on one the team on the front line. She asks him to join her to battle at the front lines. Eventually they fall for each other and even get married inside the game. 
It is one of the best romance animes out there for all the people who are die hard fans of video games. It also touches on the fact that living inside a game as player might not be so great as we have thought. Like if you die in the game then you die in real life as well. It has nice mixture of both romance and action. 

Animes have a varied collection of genre but romance genre is something else. Just watching the characters falling in love, their fights and especially their Kawaii moments gives us butterflies but it also makes us jealous of them at the same time. It kinda makes you want to feel and experience something like that too in your life.