“Making a confession is like taking a Gamble because after that you will either win it all or loose it all but you still confess knowing the risks nonetheless.”

Romance anime are really popular. One of the things that we look forward to in the series is to see how the main characters confess their feelings to each other. That moment sure gives us butterflies.

Anime Proposals can also give you some tips and tricks on how you should confess to someone. If you are curious about how you should go about it. Then here are my Top 10 Best Anime Proposals Of All Time that you can learn from.

1. Keita Amano To Karen Tendo From Gamers Gives Us A Classic Classroom Confession


Amano asks Tendo out in front of the class with audience. He initially wanted to ask her to be just friends but he goes overboard and ends up asking her out.

The whole situation is so hilarious cause all the main characters are present in a single scene with each of them having their own separate objective for being there to watch the confession. Let’s see what they were.

Tendo already had feelings for Amano and during his confession she was thinking that he is going to reject her, totally opposite of what Amano was planning on doing.

Uehara is the one who invites the audience for Amano’s confession not to help him but to see Aguri’s reaction (his girlfriend) on the proposal to see whether she makes a guilty face after hearing the confession or not. To figure out whether she is cheating on him or not as he believes she is cheating on him with Amano.

Aguri comes to class to check if Uehara(her boyfriend) makes a guilty face cause she believes that he is cheating on her with Tendo and  Chiaki. However they end up staring at each other during the confession.

Chiaki comes to watch so that she can support to her gaming buddy (Amano) cause she thinks he is an Unrequited Love with Tendo who is definitely going to shoot him down.

It is one of the Most Hilarious confessions of all time time but it is one of the Classic ones as well. Asking a girl out in your classroom after school in front of everyone is a classic one indeed. It doesn’t gets better than that. If you don’t believe me then check out the reactions of all the characters after the confession which will further prove my point below.


2. Hachiman To Yukinoshita From My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax Gives Us A Classic Hachiman Hikigaya Confession 

A Classic Hachiman Hikigaya Confession 

Hachiman confesses to Yukinoshita by asking her to allow him the Privilege of Distorting her Life not as an Obligation but because he wants to. Hachiman explains how his life is so unpopular but he will still pay the prize for distorting her life through time and experiences. Yukinoshita replies by asking him to let be a part of his distorting life.

No one else can pull off a confession like this other then Hachiman himself. Thus it’s no surprise Hachiman is one of the Top Most Popular Anime Characters Of All Time.



3. Kaori To Kosei From Your Lie In April Gives Us An Old Skool Confession Through A Letter 

A Love Confession Through A Letter Never Gets Old

Finally a confession from a girl to a boy and not the other way around. Kosei receives a letter that Kaori wrote before she was going into a critical surgery. In that letter she wrote about how her life changed had after listening to one of Kosei’s performances when she was a kid. She said that he inspired her to change her musical instrument to Violin so that she can perform a duet with him one day and that she did.

Towards the end she wrote that she only lied to him only once and the lie was that she liked Watari(Kosei’s Bestfriend). She only did that so that she could meet with him without weirding anyone out.

In the end she wrote, ‘I love You’ to Kosei.


4. Miyamura To Hori From Horimiya Gives Us An Confession At An Unexpected Time.

[Miyamura comes to check on Hori as she had called in sick to school. She is sleeping on the bed facing toward the wall i.e not facing Miyamura.]

Miyamura confesses to Hori by telling her that he is in love with her, have been for a while now. He leaves right after expressing his love to her.

I don’t know if  confessing to someone when they are sick is weird or genius. Think about it if the person is sleeping for real then you won’t get rejected and even if she is awake she won’t suddenly get up and reject you. Confessing at a time like this saves you from a Rejection Temporarily though. However Miyamura said what he said knowing that Hori wasn’t asleep.

5. Okabe To Makise From Steins;Gate Gives Us A Confession Out Of Desperation 


Okabe confesses to Makise by telling her that he loves her. The whole backdrop to this confession is really heart breaking cause Okabe is going to send a text back in time to save Mayuri’s life but that will  take Makise’s life away. So that they can return to the Original Time line. However only Okabe will retain the memory of them spending time together but I don’t know if thats a good thing or bad.

So that means this confession is out if desperation since he will never see her again. Makise replies to the confession by kissing him.

6. Nasa To Tsukasa From Tonikaku Kawaii Gives Us An Unexpected Confession Turned Into A Marriage Proposal 

Nasa confeses his love for her right after she saves his life from a life threatening truck accident. This whole confession is pretty weird if you ask me. Nasa nearly escapes a life and death situation and that’s the time he chooses to make a confession when he is all brused up is beyond me. Tsukasa excepts his confession but on one condition that he has to marry her first.

7. Azumi To Mizuno From Tsuki Ga Kirei Gives us A Simple And Sweet Confession 

Azumi asks Mizuno will she go out with him, when Mizuno comes to visit him by the shrine after practice. The whole scene is really beautiful you know, asking a girl out at night when the moon is shining as beautiful as it can in the sky. It kinda makes you feel that a simple and sweet confession is still okay. 

8. Tamako To Oji From Tamako Market Gives Us A Confession Worth Crushing Over

Tamako likes Oji but she hasn’t been able to express her love to him. So her close friend Midori lies to Tamako that Oji is leaving to study in Tokyo for college right now but in reality he was only going to Tokyo to appear for his exam. After hearing this Tamako rushes to the train station and just in the nick of time she stops Oji from getting on board. Then she confesses by saying that she loves him, so please don’t go to Tokyo.

This Oji Guy is Truly Legendary as he gets to date his Childhood Friend/Crush. A fantasy of every guy out there.

9. Kirito To Asuna From Sword Art Online Gives Us A Confession That Doesn’t Need Words 

Kirito loses one of his arm while trying to save Asuna. Asuna starts to immediately cry thinking it’s all her fault. Kirito boldly grabs her and then they share there first kiss. Thus confessing their love to each other.

Sometimes you don’t need big words that you have shout out loud to express how you feel. They can also be expressed through actions instead. As it is said Actions Speak Louder Than Words. 

10. Tsurezure Children

Tsurezure Children is really an Unique High School Romcom Anime which follows stories of multiple young couples who are trying to romanticize their life. I am going to write about only two of these couples.

Masafumi To Ryouko: Masafumi ( class president) catches Ryouko smoking. So instead of ratting her out he asks her to kiss him instead. Thus after sharing that kiss they start going out.

Satsuki To Haruhiko: Satsuki has confessed hundred of times to Haruhiko but she always chickens out and in the end she always says that she was just kidding. Satsuki and Haruhiko were watching the stars for the last time as he was graduating the next day. Haruhiko boadly confronts her by asking her to confess to him one more time but this time for real.

Whenever it comes to confessing your feelings to someone, ‘Be Brave, Go The Extra Mile And Don’t Waver’.