What is Anime Crossover? 

When two or more otherwise discrete fictional characters are placed in context of a single story is called Anime Crossover. 

There are constant arguments among fans about who is the strongest character or what would happen if an anime character is palced in another storyline. Anime Crossover could also resolve many Anime Fan Rivalries.

Crossovers offer a fun and exciting way to see characters from different anime series come together and often provide fans with new and interesting storylines.

1. Goku In One Punch Man ( Goku Vs Saitama) 

There is continuous discussion among anime fans about who is the Strongest Anime Character. The two names that come to mind are Goku and Saitama. Saitama is superhero from One Punch Man who defeats all his opponents by just one punch. Goku from Dragon Ball is the strongest character in his universe. His latest power level that he has achieved is Ultra Instinct.
Being a Saiyan he has no limits to his powers as he becomes stronger when he is pushed to his limits unlike Saitama who is already the strongest character from the beginning. It will be awesome to see a crossover showing Goku Vs Saitama. And finally giving a us conclusive answer on who is the strongest among them. 
2. Light Yagami In Mirai Nikki 
Mirrai Nikki is an anime featuring a deadly battle royal between 12 different individuals who are given the “Future Diary as the name suggests it can predict the future, conducted by Deus Ex Machin, The God Of Time And Space.
The winner will succeed him and become The New God Of Time And Space. To win the game you should posses two qualities one is having a high intellect and the other is an unwavering mindset of killing his opponents. 
The first character that comes to mind who posees both those attributes is none other than Light Yagami himself. A game like this is tailor made for light. He could easily win the tournament and the winner becomes The New God of time and space something like that will definitely peek his interest. 
3. Satoru Gojo In Naruto 
Satoru Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen reminds us a lot of Kakashi Hatake from Naruto. Both them have the following similarities :
  • Both are powerful 
  • Both are Sensei 
  • Same hairstyle (except the color) 
  • Both have special eyes and they both keep it hidden. 
  • Similar character design. 
If Goju was to appear in Naruto. Then it would be really fun to see Might Guy challenge him to a dual assuming he is Kakashi( as we know that Guy is not the sharpest tool in the shed). He might not even recognise that Goju is not Kakashi. If all the three are in one frame then it would fun to see Guy’s reaction. 

4. One Punch Man In My Hero Academia 

One Punch Man being a superhero there is no better place for him then the universe filled with unknown super villains and superheros. He might even give competition to All Might and his title of being the No 1 Hero.


5. Bon Kurei (One piece) in Death Note


Bentham alias Mr. 2 Bon Kurei possess the power of the Mane Mane no Mi fruit which is a Paramecia type devil fruit that allows the user to Mimic the Faces of people the user has touched with his right hand. 

As we know Light needs to write the name of the person he wants to kill with his/her face in mind  in death note. Even if Light writes the name of the person whose face Bon Kurei is mimicking he won’t die as he is not that person. It will be kind cool and funny at the same time to see Light figure out Bon Kurei real identity.


6. Sanji In Food Wars (Sanji Vs Soma Yukihiva) 

Sanji is the chef of the Straw Hat Pirate Crew. He possess exceptional cooking skills. It would cool to see Sanji take part in a Food War against Soma Yukihiva from food wars. To see who is better chef among them. Sanji may be entering unfamiliar territory as he is unfamiliar with rules of a food war but the ultimate gaol is to make a dish that impress the judges. So I don’t think Sanji would be at any disadvantage battling in a food war.

7. Eren Yeager In Naruto 

Eren Yeager from Attack On Titan wants to establish World Peace by destroying the world. On the other hand Pain from Naruto desires the same thing(world peace) but not by destroying the world. He wants to Rule The World as its God. Both of of them have the same Goal in mind but have different approaches to achieve those goals. It will fun to see an Philosophical clash between the two and see whose prevails.


What is Freedom? According to Eren Yeager

What separates Naruto from the rest? 

8. Luffy In Dragon Ball Super


Dragon Ball Super features the Tournament Power where the strongest warriors from eight out of the twelve universes are participating. Luffy is all about fights and craves a fun hardcore battle with people. It will be interesting to see Luffy participate in the Tournament Of Power to test his limits and to just have a fun time.

9. Levi In Demon Slayer

Levi from Attack On Titan is called The Hunaminities Strongest Soldier. He has killed and faught countless Titans( the numbers goes to around 200 titans) who are bigger in size and stronger than demons( strength wise) . It will be interesting to see Levi face off against demons who are smaller in size but quicker than Titans. However hi basic job remains the same that he has to slay something be it Demons or Titans. 

Every anime has it own separate storyline. So merging anime characters into other storyline in the form of anime crossover should take the viewers on unfamiliar territory. These crossovers will enable us to see our anime fantasy come to reality.