Obito and Rin are two side characters from Naruto Shippuden.  
Naruto is part of the Big Three Anime of all time along with One Piece and Bleach

Obito Uchiha is one of the most popular hero turned villain from Naruto Shippuden. 

Obito has shown all the shades there are of an anime character. 

Obito shows his innocent dream of becoming the Hokage of the hidden leaf village as a kid. 

He shows his cold and cruel side when he kills Minato and Konan. 

He shows his funny side when he desiges himself as Tobi. 

He shows his villainous side in the Fourth Great Ninja War. 

He even shows his sharp intellect to everyone when he turns out to be the mastermind behind the Fourth Great Ninja War, Minato’s death and even assisting Itachi in the Uchiha Masssacre. 

Rin’s death plays a crucial role in deciding the path Obito chooses to move forward with. 

So I wonder how things might have turned out if he did manage to save Rin.


Obito Could Have Succeeded Minato As The Fifth Hokage


Kakashi Will Not Be Able To Awaken His Mangekyou Sharingan

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Minato Will Not Sacrifice Himself To Protect The Village From The Nine Tails Attack 

Naruto Will Not Have Kurama 

Naruto Wouldn’t Be Raised As An Orphan

Minato Would Save The Third Hokage During Orichimaru’s Assault On The Leaf

Yahiko Will Be Saved As The Other Akatsuki Members Will Show Up In Time To Back Them Up

Minato Will Not Let The Uchiha Massacre Take Place
The Akatsuki Of The Motive Of Capturing Tailed Beasts Will Not Be Formed

Obito Will Not Kill Konan

Pain Will Not Kill Jiraiya

The Fourth Great Ninja War Will Never Take Place

Neji Hyuga Will Not Be Killed By Ten Tails 

Madara Uchiha Will Never Be Revived By Obito By Using The Renne Rebirth