What Do The Deaths In Naruto Signify?

Naruto is part of the Big Three Anime of all time along with One Piece and Bleach.

One of the reasons for Naruto’s popularity is in the fact that it has witnessed deaths of a lot of popular characters.

It is quite Brave of Masashi Kishimoto(creator of Naruto Manga) to kill a lot of its popular characters.

Every death has a meaning, let’s see how?

1. Itachi Uchiha

You Should Go To “Any” Lengths To Protect Someone You Love” 


Even if going to such lengths makes you the so calledBad Guyor someone who people despise.

When Itachi’s secret was revealed it was the most shocking and unexpected things I have ever seen in any anime. I don’t think anyone saw that coming.


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2. Jiraiya

“Death Should Never Be In Vain” 

Even when Jiraiya was breathing his last breath he still persevered through and sent a clue to Naruto on how to defeat pain. 

3.Minato and Khushina

“Leave A Legacy Behind” 

 Naruto’s parents, Minato and Kushina, sacrifice themselves to protect their son from the Nine-Tails (Kurama) during the attack on the Hidden Leaf Village.

Their deaths establish Naruto’s tragic backstory and the burden he carries as the Jinchuriki of the Nine-Tails, shaping his journey and his desire for acknowledgment.

Even when they died they left Naruto with the Nine Tailed Fox spirit sealed inside him to give him strength to protect the village from future threats in their absence.


4. Kurama

You Can Protect The Village That You Once Destroyed”

Kurama sacrifices himself in protecting Naruto who in turn wanted to protect the village.


 “Always Own Your Mistakes” 

In the Naruto storyline, Nagato’s death occurs during the Pain Invasion arc. During the battle, Naruto confronts Nagato and attempts to reason with him, believing that there is a chance for peace.

Naruto’s unwavering resolve and determination ultimately move Nagato, who realizes the error of his ways and the impact of his actions. Inspired by Naruto’s words, Nagato decides to sacrifice his life to revive those he had killed during the invasion.

His ultimate sacrifice challenges the notion that one’s fate is predetermined solely by their birth and highlights the importance of individual choice and personal growth. 

Nagato takes his own life to atone for all the sins he had committed.

6. Neji Hyuga

“Always Protect A Comrade” 

 Neji’s initial worldview was shaped by a fatalistic belief in the unchangeable nature of one’s destiny, stemming from the rigid caste system of the Hyuga clan.

However, through his interactions with Naruto and his sacrifice, Neji undergoes a transformation and learns the value of choosing one’s own destiny.

His death inspires Naruto to continue fighting for change and drives Hinata to become stronger and assert her own agency.

You should embrace the freedom that you get when you die in order to protect a comrade.

7. Obito

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed” 

Obito and Kashahi have never been on the same page.

Despite that Obito still tries to protect Kashahi and nearly dies but that doesn’t stop him from saving kashahi’s life one more time instead of his own, like he always said “In the Ninja World Those Who Break The Rules And Laws Are Regarded As Scums, But Those Who Would Abandon Even One Of Their Friends Are Even Worse Than Scums”.

This quote isn’t totally relatable to the above scenario but still I felt like quoting it.

8. Rin

“Put Others Before Yourself” Rin choses to die by the hands of someone she loved.

Obito, devastated by Rin’s death, falls into despair and is manipulated by Madara Uchiha, ultimately becoming one of the series’ main antagonists. Rin’s deaths causes Obito to go rogue.

Since Rin was killed by Kakashi, he attains the Mangekyou Sharingan.

9.Zabuza and Haku                                            

Zabuza And Haku Died Happily Next To Each Other” 

Haku and Zabuza are introduced as antagonists but later develop a complex relationship with Naruto and his team.

When Zabuza is defeated, Haku sacrifices himself to protect Zabuza and dies in the process.

This death humanizes the characters and highlights the themes of sacrifice, redemption, and the blurred line between good and evil.

10. Konan

“You Can’t Defaeat Evil Just Beacuse You Have Had A Change Of Heart”

A death of an character can go two ways:

Either cement his legacy

• Or destroy it.

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