Anime ops play a vital role in anime in increasing its popularity. 

It also has psychological impacts on the listeners as well. 

Have you ever experienced the following feelings:

              (A) Depression 

              (B) Anxiety 

              (C) Confusion 

              (D) Giving up 

And are wondering about a way to address these feelings, then you have come to the right place. 

Here, are my Top 10 Anime Ops that will help you get past this period in your life. 

1. The Rumbling(Attack On Titan Final Season) by SiM


I just wanted to do the right thing and I just wanted to save your life. I never wanted to grab a knife so that I can take someone else’s life. I don’t get it, what have I missed that has caused me to be on this path. I am just saying be aware I am coming for you. In life everything doesn’t go as planned.

2. Is There Anything That Love Can Do? (Weathering With You) by RADWIMPS


Born in this world with nothing in my hand in the era where only the wise and resigned are winners. Where we can’t find a moment to breathe, so I need to know is there still anything that love can do. 

3. Cry Baby(Tokyo Revengers) by Official Hige Dandism


We were grabbed by our collars, kept getting beaten almost to death. Lying to our faces that our wounds will be eventually cleaned by the rain. But still I need to keep going on cause I am fighting against a “Rotten Bad Ending” that I need to change. 

This is one of the most motivating anime ops out there today.

4.Iru Kosui(Horimiya) by Yoh Kamiyama


I can’t promise that everything we have now is going to remain the same. We can’t return to how we use to be. In the end all that remains are our familiar scents of that time. 

This OP has one the most Creative Visuals Of All Time.

5. Unravel(Tokyo Ghoul) by Toru Kitajima


This OP talks about, how the MC is trying to figure out his identity. He feels like he will gradually vanish in this twisted world. I have never seen any anime OP that explains the whole theme of the anime as clearly as this one has done. 

It ranks No 2 on the All Time Best Anime Openings.


6. Fly High!! (Haikyuu) by Burnout Syndromes


No matter how difficult the path may seem just keep flying until your dreams are fulfilled. The rain may disturb your wings and there may be no clear view of the path ahead but still just keep flying as if the thunders and crashing waves are applauding you.


7. Peace Sign(My Hero Academia) 


Even if I am destined to a cruel fate which will fall upon me someday. But that is not going to stop me, I am going to keep moving forward with all my passion with the a “Peace Sign” that everything will be okay. 

8. Sparkle(Your Name) by RADWIMPS


We love each other in a place from which no matter how far we reach out, our future and fates are out of reach. But still we keep living so that we can spend as many chapters as we can together. 

The stunning animation, combined with the song’s enchanting melody, paints a vivid and captivating picture of the film’s world.

The scenes of nature, cityscapes, and the intertwining threads of fate create a mesmerizing visual narrative that sets the stage for the emotional rollercoaster that awaits.

9. Sign(Naruto Shippuden) by P F Asly


Can you hear me, the pain you have experienced now is always going to protect you so there is no need to be afraid. Don’t forget that “Pain Is Your Sign” whenever you stop smiling. 

10. Orange (You Lie In April)


I am anxious when I am alone but as I recall your smile it brings a smile on my face  as well. I guess you only need, to see the smile of that special person in your life to make all your worries go away. 


11. Akuma No Ko by AI Higuchi from AOT Fi Al season part 2 is the Best anime closing song 

Akuma No Ko by AI Higuchi from AOT Fi Al season part 2 is the Best anime closing song 

The ending song “Akuma No Ko” or “A Child of Evil” is one of the most visually creative ending song. The scene where the red scarf eren is wearing which he gave to Mikasa turns into a flying bird implying ‘freedom’ is out of this world. 

The lyrics of the song and its pictuarization makes it a masterpiece. The song is a tribute to Eren depicting his entire life fighting towards achieving freedom. 

12. Idol by YOASOBI from Oshi No Ko 

Idol by YOASOBI from Oshi No Ko 

The opening song of the anime Oshi No Ko has taken the world by storm. 

“Idol” made it to the history books by holding first place in the Billboard Global 200 Exclusive US single charts. 

This is the first time that a Japanese song has achieved this milestone. 

Don’t worry when you feel like nothing is going your way cause you are not the only one. Everyone feels like that at some point or another in their respective lives. So whenever you feel down, take my advice i.e take a pair of earphones and zone out by listening to these songs. I promise they will work. 


This is my Spotify Playlist of these Ops check it out if you guys want.