10 Things That My Dress Up Darling Has Done Differently Than Any Other Anime

Are you bored of watching the same monotonous type of high school romcom animes where an Otaku boy falls for a popular girl like the president of his school?

And you want to watch something fresh?

Then My Dress Up Darling is the way forward.

It’s been the talk of the town anime of this winter. It is the Biggest New Hit of this winter as well.

Here are 10 things that My Dress Up Darling has done different than any other anime.


1. Doesn’t Need The Support Of Side Characters As The Two MCs Are The Heart And Soul Of The Anime

Gojo and Marin Kitigawa are the two main leads of the anime. Both of them have such strong individual personalities that they don’t need the support of the other side characters to keep the anime fun and interesting.

The main reason behind having side characters is that they can act as supporting pillars to the protagonists. They are supposed to motivate /push them to be the best version of themselves. They are also there to make the protagonist look better and to fill the viods where the protagonist lacks but that’s not the case with this anime due to its unique character design of the MCs. 

Don’t get me wrong there are a few side characters in the anime but only for short scenes. You can’t take your eyes off Gojo and Kitigawa even when they are the only ones who are featuring in the episode. I think you might get angry when the MCs are not in some of the scene in the anime.

Having the storyline focused only on the two protagonists is unheard off because it can risky to put all your hopes on just the two of them. But if have such unique characters like Gojo and Kitigawa you can reap big rewards and thats what the show did.


2. An Otaku Girl Falls For An Unsocial Guy

In my this anime the girl is an otaku (yeah you heard me right, ‘a girl otaku’). But to our surprise despite being an otaku Kitigawa is still popular,beautiful and outgoing. She is an otaku who is popular, its hard to believe but true. All the guy MCs never get to experience this feat.

Most high school romcom animes follow an otaku boy as the MC who falls for a popular /beautiful /social (the list goes on) girl who is completely out of his league. Thank god this anime doesn’t show the same cliche anime love story. In this anime an otaku girl (which is kinda cute to see) falls for the guy (you heard me again the otaku girl who is popular falls for an unpopular guy and not the other way around).


3. Has A Relatable Pure Innocent Love Story

Kitigawa falls for Gojo who she claims isn’t her type. The reason why I call it a pure innocent love is because its a genuine and uncomplicated love story.

It’s like when you don’t know a person then obviously you would think he/she is not my type but when you start spending time together and get to know each other better. In no time you find yourself crushing over that person. The best part is that it’s not love at first. That’s exactly what happens in My Dress Up Darling. The progression of the characters feelings for each other is so simple and innocent that it makes it so relatable to the audience.


4. Kawaii Playful Flirting Between The Characters 

Kitigawa has a relaxed and an over friendly personality in general but she can be cheeky at times. She never misses a chance to pass a cheeky comment to flirt with Gojo. She enjoys to see him all flustered and embarrassed. But she never takes it too far to ensure that he doesn’t gets creeped out and find out about her feelings for him. The playful flirting keeps the innocence of their romance intact.



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5. The MCs Don’t Try To Change Each Other


In almost all animes you must have seen that one of the MCs is like the odd man out/outcast /loner or whatever you might wanna call it. So the other character tries to bring that character out his/her shell or try to change his personality or I should say try to fix that character. However that’s not the case with this anime both characters don’t try to change each other. They embrace each other for who they are.


6. Keeps The Traditional Style Of Romance Entact Without Compromising On The Central Cosplay Theme Of The Anime

The anime has beautifully correlated traditional romance style with the the cosplay theme. By traditional romance style I mean the classic depiction of romance through the characters going on dates where they watch fireworks, go shopping, go out to eat and even watch movies. This anime has shown every single of these things but they don’t do it while they are on dates and stuff. They unconsciously do it by while working on their cosplay.

So like this the anime doesn’t disappoint the fans who are more on the romance side of things at the same time it doesn’t compromise on kepping cosplay theme the center of attraction. It doesn’t let the romance overshadow its central theme as they keep everything revolving around cosplay.

7. Beautiful Depiction Of The Theme Through Cosplay

The theme of the anime tells us not be ashamed of something you love just because others can’t relate to it. It also tells us that your passion be it cosplaying (in case of Kitigawa) or loving Hina dolls ( in case of Gojo) doesn’t has to be gender specific.

The whole anime being centred around cosplaying is brilliant beacuse just like in cosplay you have the freedom to cosplay any character be it a guy or a girl. The cosplay idea embodies the whole theme of the anime plus it brings something new to the table.


8. Assures Us That It’s Alright To Be Passionate About Something That Goes Against The Flow Of Society 

A girl being crazy about anime is quite unpopular. A guy loving Hina dolls is frowned upon. But just because it’s unpopular or its something that others can’t relate to doesn’t mean you shouldn’t persue it. As long as you are genuine and really care about your passion you shouldn’t shy away from doing it. If others can’t understand it then hell with them and the world they live in. Just ignore them and follow your passion be it related anime or anything else.


9. Realistic/Inspiring Lines That Will Get You Thinking

The anime talks so much about following your passion. It’s only natural that the show features a lot of inspiring lines that give us a realistic view at life.



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10. Encourages You To Watch More Anime 

As I have mentioned it countless time before the anime follows Kitigawa who is so crazy about anime that she might rip someone’s heart out if he/she direpects any of her favourite characters. The anime shows both the characters beinge watching a lot anime together. So it kinda encourages you to watch more anime yourself though we don’t a reason to watch more anime but still it’s better than nothing.

Every anime that is made is different from all the other animes out there in some way. Some anime are more focused on action while some on animation and a few on storyline. Still we tend to have anime that are mutually inspired or similar to each other since the number of animes made every year goes on increasing. In spite of that every anime is unique in itself at its core. My Dress Up Darling is a fine example of that. 

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