Anime Couples That Make You Feel More Single Than Ever

Anime couples that make you feel more single than ever

High school romance has always been one of the most loved genres of anime. Why do you think that is? It’s cause it makes your heart flutter. It gives you butterflies watching the characters fall in love. It also encourages you to romanticize your own high school love life. 

Anime couples are the ones who make the anime worth watching. I mean, we are watching the anime to see them right? Here are 10 anime couples that make you feel more single than ever: 

1. Natsuo Fujii and Hina ( From Domestic Girlfriend) Are A Forbidden Love

Natsuo Fujii is in a relationship with his first love Hina, who is actually his high school teacher. It’s a Student-teacher love affair

Domestic girlfriend falls more on the intimate side of romance. It has tons of making out scenes. A lot of kissing scenes along with plenty of scenes where the characters are doing it. Natsuo and Hina can’t keep their hands off each other and seeing them together is too hot to handle. They are by the hottest anime couple of all time
This couple is the definition of ‘romance’. I am saying this without exaggerating as much as I can, they give meaning to romance
The sad part about this couple is that they are destined for a bitter end, thus emphasising the fact that it’s called forbidden love for nothing. It breaks my heart to say that they are among the few anime couples who don’t end up together
As most of you guys might have figured it by now that this anime is R+( mild nudity).

2. Izumi Miyamura and Kyoko Hori( from Horimiya) Are The Sweetest Anime Couple Ever

They have the best love progression among all the other couples. Izumi has an unintended encounter with Hori which leads to, them hanging out with each other regularly. This further leads to friendship and eventually more than friendship as they start to grow feelings for each other. They ultimately decide to get married promising to spend the rest of their lives together. 

For heaven’s sake, there can’t be a love story sweeter than this. It’s just a good old fashioned romance. Miyamura and Hori are the most good looking couple as well. They are a couple who are meant to be by fate or destiny, whatever you may wanna call it! 

3. Marin Kitigawa and Wakana Gojo (from My Dress Up Darling) Make Us Feel That Love Is Real

They are one of those classic anime couples types where a pretty, outgoing and popular high school girl falls for a geeky generic protagonist. Kitigawa is the most beautiful girl anime character. One of the best parts about this unlikely anime couple is that they accept each other for who they are. 

Kitigawa is a type of girl who doesn’t get flustered and embarrassed easily. This was pretty obvious when she shamelessly undress in front of Gojo without a second thought. But after falling for Gojo, she can’t stop blushing. It’s really cute though to see Kitigawa get all flustered with every little thing that Gojo does. It’s nice to see two different shades of her personality. I mean that’s exactly what happens when you are in love, right. Every little thing that your crush does makes your heart skip a beat
The couple gives us way too many cringy moments that we can handle. Don’t be surprised if your nose starts to bleed in the middle while watching them. Kitigawa never misses a chance to mess with Gojo. She even makes him blush by casually flirting with him without even giving him a hint. 
I gonna let you on a secret, as a general rule of thumb girls don’t do mean things to boys they are not interested in.
Kitigawa and Gojo are a couple that makes you feel that love is real. You just have to find it. 

4. Oji and Tamako( from Tamako Market) Are Childhood Sweethearts

Oji and Tamako have lived next to each other since they were kids. They have a childhood love story. Knowing someone from the time you were kids, growing up together and eventually going out with that person is worth crushing over. There’s no better feeling than that and Tamako and Oji show us why?

It’s called every guy’s fantasy for nothing. Dating your childhood crush is every guy’s fantasy if you didn’t know. It doesn’t get better than that. Just watching them together gives us butterflies.
This anime has the most iconic love confession where Tamako is running toward the station to stop him from going to Tokyo by confessing her feelings to him. It will get your heart pumping for sure.

5. Hotaru Azumi and Akane Mizuno( from Tsuki Ga Kirei) Are The Most Realistic Anime Couple

Azumi and Mizuno can barely make conversations with each other and have no common interest at all and yet they are dating. In life, you won’t always fall for someone with whom you share common interests or you seem compatible at first. It’s the reality of life.

After graduating high school Akane leaves the city for college while Hotaru stays behind as he couldn’t get into any colleges outside the city. Again in reality there’s no guarantee that both of you will be selected for the same college. 
They try long distance relationship for the time being and ultimately get married. Tsuki Ga Kirei is the most realistic romance anime of all time. It has the best ending in all of romance anime history. It shows us why the ending is the most important part of a romance anime. Despite keeping the struggles of the couple as real as possible they don’t disappoint the fans by ruining the ending. The idea of showing the post long-distance relationship phase of their lives through drawing in black and white pictures in the final episode is brilliant. 

6. Hodaka Morashima and Amano Hina( from Weathering With You) Are A Independent Couple Living In Tokyo All By Themselves

Hodaka and Hina are each other’s backbone in life. They both are dependable and have each other backs even in the direst of situations. They have what you call ‘a movie love’, well actually it is a movie but you know what I mean. 

This couple is special because they show us that falling in love is all good and all but things don’t just end there. They show us how things could take a turn for the worse after becoming a couple. They show the real-life struggles of being a couple who are living in Tokyo all by themselves which makes it so relatable to the fans. They also answer the question that a lot of us had when we were kids, how would life be if we ran away from home and try living alone? 
To top it off it has the most heroic ending that I have ever seen. Hodaka running to get Hina back while the police are chasing him with amazing music playing in the background is everything and more that you can ask for. 

7. Kosei Arima and Kaori Miyazuno(from Your Lie In April) Have A Heart Breaking Love Story Where They Don’t End Up Together

Kosei loves Kaori but she is dating his best friend Watari. As you can see it’s a classic love triangle. The complexity doesn’t end there Kaori likes Kosei too but she is lying about liking Watari so that she can get close to Kosei. That was the only way for her to get close to him without weirding Tsubaki( Kosei’s childhood friend) out.

It’s complicated, isn’t it? But the frustrating part is not how complicating the plot of the anime is but the fact that Kosei and Karori don’t end up together cause Kaori does in the end due to some medical issues. Kosei never gets the chance to confess his feelings for her. 
They are the saddest anime couple of all time. If you do muster all the courage in the world to watch this anime then do keep a box of tissues around, trust me you will need it. 
The ending of the anime sucks, we all look forward to seeing the characters end up together in the end. I have to say I don’t like this one bit watching a couple don’t end up together. The ending is the best part of watching a high school romance anime and seeing that they don’t end up together breaks my heart. Like I said I don’t like this one bit. You said it twice so it’s two bits.

8. Adachi and Shimamura: Where Shimamura is Adachi’s Sunshine

Adachi is in love with Shimamura like crazy. It’s so adorable to see Adachi get all flustered whenever Shima is around her. 

  • Just writing ‘Shimamura’ on a piece of paper gets her heart racing.
  • Just the thought of holding Shima’s hand makes her heart skip a beat.
  • Just watching her talk to other girls makes her super jealous.
  • Shima giving her a back hug gets her heart to burst out. 
It’s your typical ‘first love romance’. Just watching Adachi blush every time Shima is around her is adorably cute. If you ever wonder what happens when you have your first crush? Then do watch Adachi in this anime. It’s worth it. 
Adachi is really cute but she can also be possessive at times. I don’t think that’s bad or anything. Someone being possessive of you is kinda cute, if you ask me. Sure it may get on your nerve sometime but I mean in the end, it makes you feel pretty good to know that someone cares about you that much. It makes you feel cherished.
Adachi describes their relationship as something that is really warm like the sensation in your chest when you drink a hot tea. 

9. Nasa and Tsukasa( from Tonikaku Kawaii) Are A Young Married Couple As a Result Of Love At First Sight

Nasa falls for Tsukasa at first sight due to her overwhelming cuteness and immediately then and there confesses his feelings to her and they decide to get married. I guess he doesn’t believe in the saying ‘slow and steady wins the race’. 

Nasa and Tsukasa start to get to know each other after they get married and start living together. 
  • They have their first kiss
  • First time holding hands
  • First hug
  • First time making out 
All their romance happens after they start to live together after marrying.
So it feels like the anime is taking place in a reverse chronology cause couples do these things before getting married, u know. 
It’s really cute watching this young couple live their lives as an actual married couple. Watching them do house chores, cook together and take care of each other when either one of them faces sick just like a real couple would do makes all the fans feel more single than ever. 
They are by far the cutest anime couple.

10. Chizuru Hishiro and Arata Kaizaki( from Relife) Are Two Adults who fall for high school versions of each other

Chizuru and Arata both get a chance to live the last year of their high school life one more time by reverting themselves to their 17-year-old high school versions. Chizuru and Arata are both big failures in their respective lives. 

Arata is a kind soul who looks out for everyone whereas Chizuru is socially awkward and has a hard time communicating with others. Arata helps Chizuru get out of her shell and make friends. Whereas Chizuru helps him rediscover his lost helpful and kind-hearted self. They bring out the best in each other.
This couple answers the question, why do we need a special person in our life? How that one single person can change your unsatisfied life for the better? They give us a reason to fall in love with someone. 
“A star of the brightest magnitude and I was the only one who could see it” ( how every couple feels about his/her better half). 

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