16 romance anime moments that pull your heartstrings

Everyone has their own set of moments that they look forward to in a romance anime. For some, it’s seeing the characters have their first kiss and it’s seeing the anime end with a happy ending.

These moments make you feel different emotions. Some, make you weep in joy, nervousness and even excitement. They play with your heartstrings. 

Here, are 16 Romance anime moments that pull your heartstrings: 

1. Holding Hands 

I don’t know why a simple thing as holding hands makes our hearts race. Is it just me or do you guys feel it too?

Anime couples holding hands are often a sign of the intensity of the emotional connection they share and the bond that exists between them. 

The two of the most popular hand holding styles in anime are:

(a) The down-facing palm 

The down-facing palm 

Kid Momose and Nifuji Holding hands

One of the most standard hand-holding choices among couples. Down-facing palm is one of the most common ways of demonstrating affection, warmth and connection

(b) Interlocked Fingers 

Interlocked Fingers 

Chizuru and Kazuya interlocking fingers while holding hands

If you are wondering, “Does anime couples interlocking fingers while holding hands shows intimacy?” . Then Yes, it does. This type shows the levels of comfort and attachment among them.


2. A Boy in the Girl’s Room for the First Time

A Boy in the Girl's Room for the First Time

Gojo and Kitigawa Home Alone 

The girl calling the boy over to her house to hang out and the fact that they are all alone in her room has to make your head go crazy
There’s no way in hell the guy will be able to think straight. Even if they know that nothing suspicious is going to happen between them, just the thought of them being all alone in a room gets them blushing and sweating non-stop.
Most of the time when a boy and girl are hanging out they are most probably watching something. And if it’s a horror movie then they have to keep their guard at all costs cause a simple thing like holding hands because you are scared can lead to something more intimate like a kiss. The possibilities are endless. 
This moment keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

3. The boy and girl walking under the Same Umbrella

The boy and girl walking under the Same Umbrella

Komi and Tadano having a Romantic walk in the rain

This moment sure gives you butterflies every time you watch it. It might even make you blush to see them walk so closely together. 

And if the guy is invited to dry himself in the girl’s house after walking her home, has to be the cherry on top.

There’s something about rain, it just fills the atmosphere with romance. Well, it won’t be wrong to say, romance is in the air. The rain isn’t given the credit it rightfully deserves. Its essence in romance anime is underrated. Rain is the Natural Matchmaker in every character’s romantic life. 

4. Kawaii Playful Flirting between the characters

Kawaii Playful Flirting between the characters

Kitigawa making Gojo blush

When you’re interested in someone romantically, you flirt with them, which means chatting them up or playfully teasing them. That’s the general gist about flirting.

In anime, a boy flirting with a girl(or vice versa) has to be the cringiest romance anime moment. It causes your toes and fingers to get all curled up. 


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5. Giving the girl a Piggyback Ride

Giving the girl a Piggyback Ride

Gojo giving a Piggyback ride to Kitigawa

A guy giving the girl a piggyback ride is the cutest thing ever. It’s a guy’s way of saying that he really cares for her. Piggyback is a fun way of showing physical affection

6. Love Confessions are at the Heart of Romance Anime

Love Confessions are at the Heart of Romance Anime

Amano asking Tendou out

One of the things, we look forward to in a romance anime is to see how the main characters confess their feelings to each other. Watching a love confession makes you feel nervous and excited at the same time.

One of the all-time classic anime confessions is the classroom confession. Asking a girl out after school in front of the whole class gets your heart in your mouth


7. The First Official Date 

The First Official Date

Himuro and Yukimura on an Amusement Park date

Once either of the characters has successfully nailed their love confession comes the part that not only the characters but the audience have been waiting for. 

The hard part is over when the characters worked up the courage to ask out the person they liked. Now comes the part where you get rewarded for your bravery, you get to spend the whole day with your crush(now your girlfriend) on a date. Just the thought of them hanging out with each other alone is so nerve-racking

Anime provides a lot of versatility in the types of dates that couples can go on:

  • Going to an Amusement Park
  • Playing at the Arcade
  • Watching the fireworks at the Annual Summer Festival

8. First Kiss

First Kiss

Natsuo gets his First kiss from his First Crush Hina

Finally, the moment everyone has been waiting for. The first kiss of every couple is special

The first kiss is a way of sealing the deal for the couple, which later on becomes a common way of showing their affection for each other. 

Seeing the characters work their way through falling in love, then having the guts to ask them out, then going on a date and finally having their first kiss is what we anime fans live for. It was a long-fought victory and they will agree it was worth it.

9. The Girl Introducing the boy as her Boyfriend to her Friends and Family 

The Girl Introducing the boy as her Boyfriend to her Friends and Family

Miyamura is Hori’s Boyfriend 

The girl introducing the guy as her boyfriend to her friends and family hits us in a way that nothing else can. It makes the guy feel special. It also assures him that she isn’t embarrassed to call him her boyfriend when in public. 

From the girl’s angle, introducing the guy you love as your boyfriend shows that he is taken. It is also a peaceful warning to all the bitches around him to lay their hands off him, he is mine! 

10. Girl Clinging to the Boy’s Arm 

Girl Clinging to the Boy's Arm 

Himuro clinging to Yukimura

The girl clinging to the guy’s arm is so cute. When a girl clings to a boy, it skyrockets his heart rate since they are so close to each other.


11. Sleeping on His/Her Arms 

Sleeping on His/Her Arms

Adachi sleeping on Shimamura’s Arm

The girl all cuddled upwhile sleeping on the arm of the person she loves in bed has to make your heart beat out of your chest. There’s no way in hell that person will be able to sleep at all the whole night. I mean who in the right mind will be calm enough to sleep in a situation like this, his mind is going to be all over the place. 

Take it from me in writing, the thought of you sleeping well that night goes right out of the window. Despite all that this moment is truly romantic. It’s worth the trouble, I suppose. 

12. Caressing Her Hair Affectionately is the Sweetest Romance anime moment

Caressing Her Hair Affectionately is the Sweetest Romance anime moment

Keiki Caressing Tokihara’s hair

The guy caressing the girl’s hair softly has to be the most affectionate gesture a guy can keep in his arsenal.

It shows the warmth and care of the guy towards the girl. When a guy pets a girl’s hair, he is try to say that ” you did great”. What I mean to say is that it’s his way of treating the girl for a job well done. It also shows that the guy is proud of her

13. When the Girl Comes Running into the Boy’s Arm

When the Girl Comes Running into the Boy's Arm

Hina running into Hodaka’s arm after being 1 year apart

It’s absolutely the most thrilling romance anime moment. 

A girl running into the boy’s arm shows the trust they both share in each other.

It also has a metaphorical meaning that the guy is never going to let her fall. He has her back no matter what.

It also shows the girl’s trust/faith in the boy.

14. Romantic Wall Slam: A Guy Corning the Girl Assertively Using a Wall is Cool as Hell

Romantic Wall Slam: A Guy Corning the Girl Assertively Using a Wall is Cool as Hell

Yukihura Wall slamming Himuro

The best part about a wall slam is its unexpected timing. You don’t know when will it take place. Due to the sudden nature of the wall slam, whenever it takes place it gets your heart racing. 

 It’s the coolest move in the book that a guy can pull to impress a girl

It makes the guy look dominating which a lot of girls might fall for, I think. If you nail it right it’s going to knock her socks off.

15. Intimate Back Hug

Intimate Back Hug

Miyamura warns everyone that Hori belongs to him by giving her a back hug

Nothing gets your heart pumping like a back hug cause you never know when it’s gonna hit you.

And if it is executed by a girl keeping the surprising factor intact you might even die of excitement.

A back hug shows the closeness and intimacy of two people. The back hug is a sign of both trust and protection, it’s like someone literally saying, he/she has your back. 

16. A Back Hug while Riding a Bike

A Back Hug while Riding a Bike

Shimamura back hugs Adachi 

A back hug while riding a bike is a rare romance anime moment.

The best part about is that it comes as a surprise since it’s solemnly used in anime. 
The reason why we care so much about watching the characters experience these moments is that we tend to get attached to them while watching the anime. We can relate to them. So seeing them experience these beautiful moments makes us happy for them. 
Me after finishing this whole list