Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead is currently airing as part of the Summer 2023 anime line up.

The anime presents us with a unique take on post-zombie apocalyptic world.

It features Akira Tendo who enlightens us on how he uses this zombie pandemic as an opportunity to break free from the shackles of his overly exploitative company.

Instead of thinking like a rationale person to come up with strategies to survive the zombie apocalypse. He decides to cash in his 3 years of pending vacation to do all the things he was deprived over the last 3 years at his exploitative company.

If you’re an old time fan of Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead manga or currently watching the anime and loving it.

And you’re looking for similar anime like zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead with horror, comedy and suspense with intriguing protagonist then do check out these anime recommendations.

7 Anime like Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead to satisfy your horror appetite cravings

1. Dark Gathering, the one with the Creepiest Art style

Dark Gathering is currently as part of the Summer 2023 anime line up alongside Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead.

Dark Gathering is a legit dark and horror anime featuring Keitaro Gentoga, a college freshman who after an accident ends up with the power of attracting ghosts and spirits but chooses not to get involved with the unknown.

He encounters Yayoi Hozuki who posses the creepiest looking eyes of all time and just like Kyoutarou she is also able to see the unknown.

But the catch with her is that she’s unable to attract spirits because of overwhelming presence.

Dark Gathering invites its viewers to accompany the ghost busting duo of Keitaro and Yoyoi on their haunting journey.

2. Mieruko-Chan, the one where Miko lives a Normal Life while ignoring Ghosts and Spirits

Miko Yotsuya for some reason is able to to see ghosts and spirits but doesn’t want to get involved with them. So she chooses to ignore them in order to live a normal life.

Mieruko-Chan anime will keep you on the edge of your seats with scenes where you don’t see ghosts in one panel and just the very next second they will appear out of nowhere.

Watching Miko successfully maintain a straight poker face while ghosts roam all around her is thrilling as hell.

Mieruko-Chan anime is sure to make your heart race but not in a good way.

Just like Tendo from Zom 100 tries to complete his bucket list while ignoring zombies, Miko also tries to live a normal life while ignoring ghosts.

3. Chainsaw Man, the one where Denji is a Pervy Devil Hunter

The Chainsaw Man manga is the most popular manga today.

Chainsaw Man received critical acclaim for its dark and unpredictable storytelling, unique art style and complex characters.

It has been praised for its subversion of Shonen manga tropes and its willingness to take risks with its narrative.

The CEO of Mappa quoted, Chainsaw Man anime was indeed a monetary success but failed to have the impact they were looking for something like their prior anime release, Jujutsu Kaisen had.

This could be the reason behind Chainsaw Man season 2 having no official release date yet.

Considering the immense hype behind the anime release due to the popularity of its manga, Chainsaw Man anime underdelivered in having a cultural impact, like Demon Slayer.

As someone who absolutely loved reading the Chainsaw Man manga and then watching the anime the way it was received, I was personally unhappy.

So, I would suggest you read the manga before watching the anime.

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4. Mob Psycho 100, the one with a nice blend of Action, Humor and Drama in the World of Psychics

Mob Psycho 100 is an anime series based on the manga of the same name, created by ONE, the same author who created ‘One Punch Man’.

The story revolves around Shigeo Kageyama, also known as ‘Mob’, a socially awkward middle school student with extraordinary psychic powers.

It skillfully balances intense action sequences with moments of heartfelt drama and comedic relief, creating a compelling and engaging viewing experience.

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5. Sankarea: Undying Love, the one where Chihiro Furuya desires a Zombie Girlfriend

Chihiro Furuya is a high school student with an obsession for zombies.

His life takes an unexpected turn when he accidentally resurrects a beautiful girl Rea Sankar, who had recently died, as a zombie.

What happens next is an unconventional love story that transcends life and death with unexpected twists and turns.

Sankarea provides a refreshing contrast to the darker themes of death and loneliness with the help of zombies.

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6. Perfect Blue, the one which is a Must-watch for fans looking for a Dark, Psychological thriller about the entrainment industry

Perfect Blue follows the story of Mima Kirigoe, a former J-Pop idol who decides to pursue a career in acting.

Perfect Blue immerses viewers in am atmosphere of suspense and unease.

It keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats with dark and uneasy twists leading to a nerve-wracking climax.

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So, dim the lights, get cozy and grab yourself some popcorn to immerse yourself in these thrilling anime recommendations, from a anime that will keep you on the edge of your seats like Mieruko-Chan to a drak, psychological thriller that makes you uneasy like Perfect Blue.

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