What types of Girls do Guys Find the Most Attractive?

What types of Girls do Guys Find the Most Attractive?

So, the question in hand is What types of Girls do Guys Find the Most Attractive?

Well, the answer to this curious question is quite subjective that means it changes from person to person depending on their preferences.

However there are some universal types in girls that are most popular within men. Whether that may be a girl who’s physically attractive or who has attractive personality or is sexually stimulus.

Types of girls guys find the most attractive physically, sexually and personality wise

1. Girls with attractive physical features

1. Girls with attractive physical features

Men are creatures who respond to visuals more quickly than anything else.

For example if a guys checks out a random girl, then unconsciously the first thing he will look is the physical features of the girl cause he won’t be able to figure out the whole personality of girl just by looking at her for few seconds.

No matter what people tell you, girls who’re physically attractive are the ones guys tend to check out.

First three things a guys look for in girls are their hair, face and body that is waist-to-hip ratio. No matter how cliche this may sound it’s still holds true.

A few physical features that attract guys the most are:

  • First are the girls eyes and face, just to clarify many girls misunderstand this so here it is the first thing men notice about you isn’t sex but rather your eyes and face
  • A girl’s figure is the most attractive feature

  • A girl’s hair has to be among the top physical features that attract a girl

  • A wholesome smile makes the girl a lot more approachable

2. Girls with great sense of humor

2. Girls with great sense of humor

When a girl has great understanding of humor she becomes irreplaceable in the eyes of men.

A girl’s sense of humor comes in handy in turning the tables when attempting to impress their crush.

Most of the guys out their will have great sense of humor so even if the girl doesn’t knows how to crack jokes but she can understand jokes especially sarcasm then she’s in the clear.

3. Girls who’re Confident NOT Arrogant

3. Girls who're Confident NOT Arrogant

There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance and the line between arrogance and stupidity is even finer.

So believe me when I say that guy aren’t stupid when it comes to seeing the difference between the two, girls who’re confident are green flags and girls who’re arrogant are beaming red flag.

4. Girls with adventurous spirit

4. Girls with adventurous spirit

This type of girl is always seeking new experiences, whether it’s traveling to far-off places, trying new foods, or engaging in outdoor activities like hiking or rock climbing.

Guys find themselves to be drawn towards girls with a adventurous spirit girls cause they also share similar interests.

It gives them opportunities to plan stuff that can be enjoyable for both of them.

5. Girls with great sense of fashion

5. Girls with great sense of fashion

Fashion-forward girls have a keen eye for style and enjoy expressing themselves through clothing and accessories.

They keep up with the latest trends and may have a knack for putting together stylish outfits.

Girls with great sense of fashion add a extra layer of attraction to their physical appearance and as a result guys can’t stop themselves from checking them out.

Girls who’ve a unique sense of style aids the guys in figuring out the personality too from their cloths and accessories. It helps to predict if they would into this type of girl or not.

6. Girls who’re introvert or the silent type

6. Girls who're introvert or the silent type

You must have seen in a lot of anime series where the popular and good looking guy fall for the silent and introverted girl even when the popular girls are explicitly hitting on them.

For example, Yamato falls for Mei in Say I Love You or Kazehaya is drawn towards Sadako in From Me To You.

A lot of guys tend to get curious when they meet an introverted or silent girl often end up attempting to get closer to them to understand their lifestyle which is totally opposite to theirs.

7. Girls who create sexual tensions whenever they’re with a guy

7. Girls who create sexual tensions whenever they're with a guy

When it comes to what do guys find sexually attractive in a girl? It’s a culmination of the girl’s physical features- we talked about that earlier like face- flawless skin, hair, figure- an hourglass figure is most attractive among men and also their personality attributes as well like intelligence, confidence and appreciation of sarcasm.

Just a note for girls, guys are more sexually attractive to girls who go easy on makeup.

8. Girls who know the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach

8. Girls who know the way to a man's heart is through his stomach

Well, this one is no secret a girl who is good at cooking is someone guy’s often find themselves drawn towards.

It’s not a compulsion for the girl to know how to cook but in the long run it’s better if the girl cooks for the guy.

Guys like to mess around with their girls whenever they are cooking. It keeps the romance and flirting in a relationship intact. So, I mean when a girl who knows how to cook turns about be a win-win situation for both, right.


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9. Girls who hilariously get jealous whenever any other girl tries to act cute with her man

9. Girls who hilariously get jealous whenever any other girl tries to act cute with her man

Girls who easily get jealous whenever any other girl tries to flirt with his man maybe get a little touchy too and she doesn’t hide her jealousy but rather make the guy aware of it is cute as hell.

At moments like this, if the girl goes onto show her authority by letting everyone know that that guy is her man, he belongs to her is so attractive I can’t tell you. Guys dig this kind of shit.

In guy’s mind they’re not mad with the girl about being jealous, they’re rather glad she’s letting him and everyone else know that she is the only one who gets to flirt, get touchy or mess around with him.

Just a tip for girls, girls who wear their guy’s hoddie is such a turn on for guys, you might be surprised.

10. Tsundere

10. Tsundere

Tsundere is a character type most commonly known from anime but you shouldn’t be surprised if you find such types of people in your day-to-day life especially in girls.

The term “tsundere” is a combination of two Japanese words: “tsun tsun,” which means to act aloof, cold, or hostile, and “dere dere,” which refers to being lovestruck or affectionate.

A tsundere character typically starts off displaying a cold, abrasive, or even hostile attitude towards their love interest or others around them. However, over time, they gradually reveal a softer, more affectionate side, often in moments of vulnerability or when their true feelings are exposed.

Guys find this two layered personalities of tsundere girls from cold or hostile to warm or affectionate side quite attractive cause that shows they are only willing to show their affectionate side only to them and not anyone else. They feel appreciated and also fortunate.


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11. Girls who’re Warm and Comforting

11. Girls who're Warm and Comforting

When I say, guys find girls attractive who’re warm and comforting, I mean girls who provide sense of calmness, relief and comfort whenever the guy is going through a rough time.

Men go through a lot of shit just because they’re guys u know, they have to shoulder home responsibilities while struggling to get their career on track simultaneously earning money in order to provide for his family and so on.

During these stressful times if the guy has a girl with whom he finds peace whenever his with her them there’s nothing like it. Finding a girl who makes a guy feel like his home is magical.

At the end of the day guys are creatures who just need love and feel appreciated. Don’t believe me try this exercise with your guy, Tell him you’re deserving of love.

Just this one small sentence and see his reaction. He will literally cry his eye balls out cause I can assure you noone else has ever said that to him yet in his entire life.


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