6 Anime-Inspired Realistic and Productive Morning Routine Ideas For Students

Anime-Inspired Realistic and Productive Morning Routine Ideas For Students

Mornings can be challenging especially for students but starting your day on the right note sets the right tone for the rest of your day.

As students juggling studies, responsibilities, one’s interests and passion and personal growth seems like a monumental task for the young ones.

That’s why indulging in a practical and achievable morning routine goes a long way in boosting your productivity, improving focus and establishing a positive mindset.

Say goodbye to unproductive morning and hello to a more energized and fulfilling day ahead.

Let’s dive into the secrets to a successful morning routine for students from the ever inspiring, Karen Tendo.

A Magnificent morning in the Life of Karen Tendo

1. Rise and Shine

 Rise and Shine
Karen Tendo is ready to tackle the day

For Otobuki High school class 2-A student, Karen Tendo it’s never too early to get up and greet the day.

Karen Tendo makes it a point to wake up early every morning around 5:30 AM. After waking up she goes by the window and takes a moment to appreciate the beautiful morning.

Waking up early in the morning gives you a chance to establish a consistent morning routine.

It gives you the opportunity to engage in physical exercise, plan your day and enjoy some peaceful moments before the hectic day begins.

Waking up early in the morning increases overall productivity and improves mental clarity.

2. Nice Brisk Jog for Morning Motivation

Nice Brisk Jog for Morning Motivation
Karen Tendo starting the day by going for a brisk jog

As soon as Tendo is awake, she begins her day with a nice brisk Jog.

For girls like Karen Tendo, mornings are a precious time for self improvement.

As soon as you wake up, you should try to get some sort of exercising done to kick start your day.

Exercising doesn’t necessarily has to be intense, a simple exercise like a morning Jog or cycling or even stretching is good enough.

Choosing a exercise that is realistic and complements your body without burning it out is crucial cause you’ve the whole day left ahead of you.

Early morning Jog or exercising is the best way to kickstart your day on a healthy note by incorporating healthy habits in your daily morning routine.

3. Take a Morning Shower

Take a Morning Shower
Tendo is taking a shower

Karen Tendo hops in the shower to wash away the sweats and fatigue from her morning exercise.

Taking a shower in the morning to feel is a valuable addition to morning routine for students.

As you clean your body, your mind becomes more alert, making it easier to concentrate on your studies and absorb information during classes.

Showering in the morning provides the opportunity to attend to your grooming needs. You can brush your teeth, style your hair and take care of other personal grooming tasks to look presentable throughout the day.

4. Early Morning Studying

Early Morning Studying
Tendo cramming in a study session before going to school

After Tendo has worked out her body is time for her to workout her mind. The early morning quiet is the best time to get some studying done especially for today’s busy student.

Your mind is fresh and alert after a good night’s sleep, which can enhance focus and retention.

Additionally, the quiet atmosphere during early hours allows for fewer distraction, aiding concentration.

Early morning study sessions come in handy if you’ve a test in school, so you can quickly revise or review your notes and also doing a pre-read of the material that will be covered in class is always appreciated.

5. A Light Breakfast

A Light Breakfast
Tendo’s simple breakfast, jam on bread

Karen Tendo prefers a light breakfast before heading out to school.

Eating a light breakfast in the morning is generally recommended for students.

A light breakfast helps prevent sluggishness and can improve focus and productivity during class, you don’t want to start feeling sleep the moment you reach school.

However, everyone’s dietary needs and preferences are different so it’s essential to find what works the best for you.

If a heavier breakfast is preferred make sure it doesn’t lead to discomfort or drowsiness while staying.

6. Get Ready for school

Get Ready for school
Karen Tendo getting ready for school

Tendo wears her high school uniform and is almost ready to head out the door.

People don’t know this about me but I don’t put much extra effort into my appearance. How someone looks shouldn’t matter, it’s your personality and heart that matters – Karen Tendo

Getting ready for school includes wearing your school uniform, combing your hair, polishing your shoes and packing necessary school materials.

Karen doesn’t puts extra efforts in enhancing her looks and I think she’s totally right.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s importance to make sure you are wearing nice cloths and you’re looking good. But going overboard with makeup and stuff isn’t advised. Ultimately it’s your call.

Follow these morning rituals to turn your lazy and unmotivated mornings into productive ones.

Have a good day 🙂

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