Everyone has dreams, some are big, some are small.

Some discover their dreams early while some late.

Some don’t hesitate a second to go after their dreams while some are too scared to bet on themselves.

So whether you’ve already figured it all out or are a late-bloomer or you’re pursuing your dreams as we speak or you’re still struggling to take that leap of faith in yourself.

Here are 10 ways/advice/steps/principles to help you achieve your dreams featuring from the ‘Be Dreamers’ Saga

Previously on the Saga,

‘The Pet Girl of Sakurasou’ is a high school coming-of-age drama centering around a group of friends residing in the Sakura hall which is a haphazard mix of all colors each one of them pursuing their respective dreams.


  • Misaki Kamiigusa, a bubbly animator
  • Jin Mitaka, a charming playboy writer
  • Masahiro Shiina, a new foreign exchange student
  • Ryuunosuke Akasaka, a dormant programmer
  • Aoyama Nanami, an aspiring voice-actress
  • Sorata Kanada, an ordinary guy surrounded by extraordinary individuals

1. Surround Yourself with people who Inspire you to to Go after your Dreams ft. Kanada Sorata

Surround Yourself with people who Inspire you to to Go after your Dreams ft. Kanada Sorata
Baby, you’re not alone, pick up the phone

If you’ve seen the anime ‘The Pet Girl of Sakurasou’, you might be aware that Sorata lives with few other students in Sakura hall, a congregation of the schools problem students.

Thus by being in such close proximity with bona-fide geniuses of Sakura hall acts as a catalyst for each one of them to keep working hard and never be outdone by each other.

Sorata wants to learn how to make video games. He wants to be a game designer. He was always interested in it but he was too scared.

He always kept thinking about what would happen if he failed, he kept lining up reasons to not to do it, like ‘it’s a waste of time’ or ‘ I’ll just get my feelings hurt’.

So he just gave up all together. But being in this dorm and watching Shiina made him wanna try even harder.

Sakura hall has a reputation for being called the house if delinquents, but from where I see it, it’s a house of exceptionally talented people who’s passion for their respective dreams, just isn’t comprehensible by other students.

2. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable ft. Aoyama Nanami

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable ft. Aoyama Nanami
Watching Nanami succeed is pivotal to prove that hard work is always rewarded in the end

Aoyama Nanami, an aspiring voice-actress left her home cause her father was against her decision of pursuing such art, on one condition that she will not get any financial assistance from them.

A day in the life of the Hardworking Aoyama Nanami

  • Gets up in the morning, gets ready and rushes to work for her morning shift before school starts.
  • Attends school after finishing her morning shift
  • Works at a convenience store for her afternoon shift
  • Clocks in late at night, cooks dinner for herself
  • Takes ccare of daily chores like doing laundry and cleaning
  • With the little time left in the day, practices her lines for her training class

For people like Nanami following /chasing their dreams means going against their father’s wishes, working non-stop day and night to pay for their living expenses, becoming self-independent.

All that just so that she can be eligible to pursue her dreams.

People like Namami show us that ‘Dreams are worth fighting for’.

3. Befriend Sleepless Nights ft. Shiina Mashiro

Befriend Sleepless Nights ft. Shiina Masahiro
Hard work beats Talent when talent doesn’t work hard

Dreams are surely about having your moment in the sun but what people fail to understand is that it’s more about the countless sleep deprived nights that go into making that moment come to life.

Dreams are a compilation of countless nights you stayed awake trying to make sure your aspirations don’t stay just a dream but rather become a reality.

There’s no better person who embodies this way of life than Shiina Mashiro. Shiina is a gifted and world renowned painter who has shifted her focus to drawing manga now.

Watching Shiina drawing manga night after night despite being immensely talented will give you goosebumps. It will shock you, how she puts everything she has in drawing never thinking about compromising or consequences. She puts everything she has on the line, so naturally.

If a talented person like Shiina needs to work this hard to be where she is, should put things to perspective about how many sleepless nights are awaiting you.

4. Avoid Comparison ft. Sorata x Shiina

Avoid Comparison ft. Sorata x Shiina
The thing about talent is that it unconsciously wraps up and destroys everyone around it – Jin Mitaka

The two most talented students living in the Sakura hall are Misaki and Shiina. Both have received commercial recognition. So it’s impossible to turn a blind eye to their success.

There are people who live in a place that ordinary people like us can never hope to reach. It’s a world above the clouds that we can’t even see. That’s where they live, it’s their own world.

Which ever field you choose there will always be people who are more talented then you, who work more hard than you, who receive more praise than you or are just better than you.

So Sorata and Jin aren’t wrong when they don’t understand how to except the difference between them and Shiina and Misaki respectively. Until they learn to stop comparing, they will have to struggle in vain.

But that’s the thing it doesn’t has to be this way. Even though comparisons seem inevitable in today’s day and age, if you can avoid them then you’re on the right track.

Instead use those comparisons to fuel you to work more hard. It’s all about your perception of those around you.

5. Grinding takes Priority ft. Mashiro Shiina

Grinding takes Priority ft. Mashiro Shiina
Sorata: Shiina what do you like to do; Shiina: I draw

Watching Shiina will help you understand that working towards your dream is the only thing that should take priority, everything else is secondary.

Shiina only cares about drawing and then redrawing manga and nothing else. She doesn’t care about doing laundry or cleaning, preparing food, studying for test or even passing her school exams.

Willingly going to extreme lengths for her manga research like going to love hotel with Sorata and spending the night or shredding Sorata off every piece of clothing to aid her in drawing male characters.

Though Shiina takes it to extreme measure but you get my point. Just focusing on grinding everything else just play second feadle.

Shiina stays up late at night and redraw it. I assumed talented people didn’t ever had to work hard. How am I suppose to catch to that kind of natural talent – Aoyama Nanami

I’ll will tell you how by hard work. Whether you’re a talented soul like Shiina or an average joe like Nanami, hard work is inevitable for both.

The only thing that binds a talented and an average person is hard work.

6. Learn How to Not Give a F*ck about what others say! ft. Shirase Kobuchizawa

Learn How to Not Give a F*ck about what others say! ft. Shirase Kobuchizawa
I don’t waste my efforts on meaningless pursuits that’s all there’s to it – Ryuunosuke Akasaka

Have you been criticized for your dreams? Have you ever been told that your dreams are impossible to achieve?Have you been made fun off for your dreams?

I don’t know about you but Shirase Kobuchizawa from ‘A Place Further than the Universe‘ has been told her entire life that her dreams of traveling to Antarctica is crazy. She has a screw lose to even believe that something like that is possible.

But did she give into others oppions and quit her dreams. No, Shirase doesn’t give a f*ck about what others said about her dreams being utterly unrealistic. She chooses to chase her dreams irrespective of what others said.

It’s your dream, not theirs. They don’t get to decide whether you chase them or not, you do!

7. Passion vs Love ft. Jin Mitaka x Misaki Kamiigusa

Passion vs Love ft. Jin Mitaka x Misaki Kamiigusa
Love is simply nothing more than just an errant bug in the brain’s electrical functions – Ryuunosuke Akasaka

It’s quite the challenge for high school students who are in the prime of their youth, when you get all tangled up in love and passion.

Jin Mitaka, the playboy resident of Sakura Hall finds himself in a world of trouble when he has to choose between pushing his passion and Misaki, the love of his life.

Apart from being an illicit playboy, Jin is an exceptionally talented writer with promising future prospects. So he wants to move to a university in Osaka for further studies but that would mean he has yo leave Misaki behind.

Jin couldn’t take it being around her anymore he didn’t know if he will even get into college, he couldn’t focus on anything because of Misaki. He needs to prepare himself to spend the rest of his life with her.

So Jin asks for more time. He decides to go to Osaka to chase his dreams just because he loves Misaki, no precisely because he is in love with Misaki. He can’t become a worthless man who has abandoned his goals.

8. Celebrate your Progress ft. Sakura hall

Celebrate your Progres ft. Sakura hall
At Sakura hall, we always celebrate by throwing a Hotpot Party

Let’s get something straight, you ain’t gonna achieve your dreams in one day. It may take several months, years possibly. It’s going to be a long fought battle. You will experience the highest of highs and lowest of lows.

So it becomes crucial to celebrate your highs when you do. It’s good to celebrate and enjoy the fruits of your labor. I wonder if at that moment you’ll feel what happiness tastes like.

You could celebrate your progress the way they do it at Sakura Hall by having their signature Sakura hall hotpot.

9. Being a Sore Loser isn’t so bad! ft. Sorata Kanada and Aoyama Nanami

Being a Sore Loser isn't so bad! ft. Sorata Kanada and Aoyama Nanami
Why wasn’t it me, why wasn’t I good enough

Sorata and Nanami are no strangers to rejection and failures. Sorata failed his game presentation and the screening pitch while Nanami failed her audition.

Nanami was so patient the whole time. When all her friends went to karaoke or shopping, she had work. She endured all of it just so she wouldn’t regret playing around or slacking off.

She wanted to have so much fun but she gave it everything she had. In the end she still failed.

Whether you like it or not rejection and failures are the inevitable truth about achieving success. So you don’t have to be so reasonable about losing to someone else.

As you might come to know your future is decided by forces beyond your power, no matter how hard you work there are things you can’t change. It’s not fair, you don’t have to accept things so easily. Just understand the world is full of unfair things like this.

So be a sore loser, who cares, use that bitterness in your heart after witnessing rejection to push you to keep going.

10. Impossible has the word Possible in it ft. Ryuunosuke Akasaka

Impossible has the word Possible in it ft. Ryuunosuke Akasaka
When you love what you do, the sky’s the limit

Optimizing an impossible amount of work and making it possible is a programmers job – Ryuunosuke Akasaka

Getting cold feet because your ambitions seem impossible is a cowards excuse for not trying. If you’re brave enough to dream then be brave enough to believe in yourself.

The moment you start believing in yourself, the unattainable becomes attainable. If you don’t lose faith in your dreams, your dreams will not lose faith in you.

Along your grueling journey of making it to the promised land, setbacks become stepping stones, failures become lessons and every obstacle encountered becomes a testament to the strength of your resolve.

That’s why,

It’s okay to set your goals high, that’s what we call a dream

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