10 STOIC Ninja Kamui Quotes about What it means to be a Ninja

Top 10 Ninja Kamui Quotes about what it means to be a ninja

Ninja Kamui is quickly becoming the next big thing in the anime industry, taking over the likes of anime like ‘Solo Leveling’ due to its fierce fight scenes paired up with superb animation.

Ninja Kamui has a really captivating opening called ‘Vengeance’.

Ninja Kamui chronicles the journey of an ex-ninja seeking retribution against the assassins who slaughtered his wife and son. As fans of ninja-themed anime, we frequently have a lot of intriguing questions about their way of life.

Thankfully, Ninja Kamui provides answers to some of these queries:

  • What does it take to become a ninja?
  • Is the ninja’s code of conduct really so significant?
  • And what if a ninja goes rogue?
  • Can ninjas have regular lives?

10 STOIC Ninja Kamui Quotes about what it means to be a ninja

1. The Code of the Ninja must never be Breached

We of the ninja clan are bound by the code, protected by the code and kept alive by the code. Therefore it’s our destiny to die by the code – Yagami

2. This is Why Ninjas Operate in the Shadows

One, the secrets of the ninja must never be divulged – Yagami

3. Logan & Sara must Pay the Price for Breaking the Second Code

Two, Ninja must be emotionally detached even from their allies – Yagami

3. A ninja must Complete the Mission even at the Cost of his Life

Three, the mission must always take precedence over your life – Yagami

5. The Art of Disguise

Learning about others but not letting them know anything about you in the process is the true essence of a ninja’s cunning – Zai

6. A sword is Only as Good as it’s Wielder

A sword is a weapon with no will of it’s own – Yagami

7. Just because you wield a sword that doesn’t make you a Samurai

Brandishing your sword with no pride is just violence – Reaper

8. A Ninja Never Breaks

Go ahead and do your worst, it this all you got. Remember a ninja never cracks – Boss Ninja

9. The Price for being a Ninja

I’m going to burn their eyes into your memory forever, you’re about to be dropped into the pits of hell where you’ll hear the sound of the skin being pulled off, bones being shattered and spines ripped off out whole – Joe Logan

10. The Inevitable End for every Ninja

Inspite of your heart stopping there won’t be no sweet release of death. Even in oblivion you’ll tremble in fear of the only that lie beyond – Joe Logan

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