Dark Gathering is a horror story about a trio of ghostbusters namely,

  • Keitaro Gentouga, a living breathing human magnet for attracting ghosts and spirits
  • Eiko Houzuki, Keitaro’s cursed friend who’s a fan of the dark side
  • Yayoi Houzuki, a child prodigy who unlike Keitaro can’t attract spirits even if she wants to due to her overwhelming scary presence.

Since it’s a dark horror anime, it ought to have cool and badass quotes.

10+ Badass Dark Gathering Anime quotes

1. Yayoi-chan has Already Survived Hell!

I’ve already seen Hell. Want me to show you? No, I insist. I’ll make it simple for you. It’s going to be where you’ll live for the rest of your pitiful existence!

2. Keitaro will be Alright!

Dont worry, Keitaro. No matter how tempting you’re to the supernatural, you’ll be fine. Because I’ll hunt them all.

3. Yayoi Houzuki quotes Violence

You must be strong to choose violence over resting in peace. I’ll deliver you into an endless dream from which you’ll never wake.

4. Badass Dark Gathering anime quotes

Dont mess with humans. Do it again and your head are mine.

5. Yayoi-chan is Unforgiving to the Unknown

Let go of Keitaro, I didn’t say I’d let you go. You tried to kill someone. Now you pay the price.

6. Yayoi Houzuki’s Badass Avatar

If you want to die then die, don’t drag other people along with you. The choice to ruin or end a life, belongs to the person living that life.

7. Let’s go

Let’s go catch some scary spirits and get them to kill some really bad ones.

8. Yayoi-chan is Pissed Off

Let’s get straight to business. Which one of you is controlling Eiko? I don’t like liars. If you don’t want the wrong person to die, then i suggest you tell the truth.

9. Do you fear me?

They’re not shaking in fear. They’re shaking from how badly they want to kill you. We’ll prepare a throne suitable for your divinity, from which you’ll serve us all.

10. Yayoi Challenges a God

I know I would beat you. You must be at least 5 hundred years old and you’re going to marry her at twenty? I’m not going to let some god and his problematic age gap beat me.

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