Masamune-kun No Revenge is a story about Masamune Makabe’s quest to avenge his lost pride after getting brutally rejected by the Ice-Queen, Aki Adagaki for his appearance.

Masamune-kun No Revenge R is a story of Redemption.

Featuring from the ‘Revenge’ mini Saga, Masamune-kun No Revenge quotes on how to get Revenge after Rejection

1. Avenging his Lost Pride is the only thing on Masamune’s mind

‘Revenge is the only sustenance I need and in the city of love my appetite will finally be seeded. The stage is set to execute the next phase of my Dead or Love plan.

2. How is Masamune going to get his Revenge?

I’m going to make Adagaki fall for me and then curb her like yesterday’s trash, the masterstroke of my Love and Conspiracy.

3. Masamune is not the only one who has his eyes set on Aki Adagaki

Masamune Makabe you accured man, you are getting in the way of my money and I need every cent. I can get to restore the illustrious Gasou name.

4. Masamune-kun no Revenge quotes on Love and Gender

Love and gender mean nothing. Money is everything, I’ll catch a whale with just a worm or rather catch money with love and the name of my ingenious plan, Catch or Die.

5. Masamune Makabe was the First Victim of the Dead or Love plan

The Dead or Love plan. Making her fall for me, then dumping her. Adagaki did the exact same thing to me first.

6. Makabe finally Loses it

So, how is she able to look like the tragic heroine, here?! Quit acting like the victim. You deserved everything you got!

7. Masamune Makabe quotes

She completely twisted the whole truth about my whole experience without batting a damn eye. Do you think that she even has a conscious? Cause I’m thinking not. So, she conviently altered her memory where she’s not the bad guy.

8. Masamune-kun no Revenge quotes

Do you want Aki to fall in love with you? Even though you despise her and even though she makes you sick to your stomach. If that’s true, then none of this has anything to do with love!

9. Masamune Makabe Revenge quotes

So, I will dump her the second I can, revenge so sweat, it will give you cavities. It’s more like a game to me, It has nothing to do with love.

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