11 Things A Girl Should Do To Give Butterflies To A Boy (according to anime)

11 things a girl should do to give butterflies to a boy

 To have butterflies in your stomach means the feeling of nervousness or excitement that one gets when he has to do something.

You might be familiar with butterflies as the fluttering you get when you have a crush on someone.

Here are 11 things a girl should do to give butterflies to a boy (featuring from the ‘Ultimate Dating Guide’  Saga):

A Forehead Kiss is a sign of care, sincerity and maturity. A forehand kiss is always given by a boy to the girl and never the other way around. Why don’t you search ‘ forehead kiss’ on google and see for yourself if you can find a girl kissing a boy on the forehead? A girl kissing the forehead of a boy is cool as hell

The girl wrapping the guy’s arm around hers while walking around might make him blush. Such closeness is going skyrocket his heart rate for sure. 

A girl putting her head on the boy’s shoulders shows that she feels safe around him. In anime, this scene is visible as the characters are on their way home via train after having a long tiring day. The girl usually unconsciously rests the MC’s shoulders. 

Caressing someone’s head is a way to treat them for a job well done. A girl caressing a boy’s hair is rarer than rare. That’s what makes it so cool. This may not work on every guy out there cause a lot of guys don’t like anyone touching their hair and let alone caressing it. But I think he wouldn’t mind you caressing his head ’cause you’re not Anyone.

Gentle hair caresses can be soothing and comforting. If the boyfriend is feeling stressed, anxious, or upset, the girl may use this gesture to provide him with a sense of calm and reassurance.

Call him by a cute nickname. Be careful how to use this trick cause this one is capable of killing the big at the spot if you nail it with a cute voice( soft, a little scared but courageous) and expression( a little on the shy side). Don’t believe me check out Soma’s reaction below.

A cute nickname often carries a personal and endearing touch, suggesting a close bond and a level of familiarity between partners. When a girlfriend uses such a nickname, it can evoke positive emotions and a sense of warmth, causing the guy to experience butterflies in response. 

The girl taking a moment to recharge her social battery by hugging the boy is everything anyone can ask for it’s kawaii, sweet and intimate all at the same time.

For most individuals, receiving a hug from someone they have feelings for, particularly if it’s a girl they are interested in or attracted to, can evoke a sense of joy, anticipation, and nervousness.

The physical closeness and intimacy of a hug can create a surge of positive emotions, which may manifest as butterflies in the stomachache. 

A girl referring to a boy as her boyfriend in front of her friends and family shows that she isn’t embarrassed to make their relationship known to everyone. It also shows that the girl is being possessive of him which a lot of guys find really cute.

1. Forehead Kiss

Yuika giving Keiki a forehead kiss

2. Wrap his arm around yours

Himuro clinging to Yukihura

3. Put your head on my shoulders

Put your head on my shoulders

Shikimori and Izumi

4. Caress his head

Yuika caressing Keiki’s head

5. Call him by a cute nickname

Koharu wants to call Soma from now on as Sho-sho

6. Recharge your battery by hugging him

Recharge your battery by hugging him

Ayano recharging herself by hugging Keiki

7. Refer to him as your boyfriend

Kazuya is Chizuru’s boyfriend

8. Kiss him

Kiss him

Himuro and Yukimura having a romantic ferrous wheel moment

9. Cook him something

Cook him something

Kanade cooking for Yukimura

10. Buy a pair of matching happiness charms 

Adachi buying matching happiness charms 

11. Take care of him when he is sick

Take care of him when he is sick

Komi taking care of sick Tadano

Kiss him! This is it. This is the strongest weapon in my arsenal. If this ain’t giving him butterflies then I don’t know what will. There are a few conditions that need to be fulfilled to nail the perfect kiss though: 

  • To nail a perfect kiss the mood needs to be right. The external environment plays a major role in achieving the right mood.
  • List of situations that might provide the right mood. 
  1. On a ferrous wheel
  2. On a beach watching the sunset
  3. Dinner date
  4. A secret kiss during fireworks is so romantic
  5. A movie theatre, it cliche I know but that doesn’t make it useless
  6. Star gazing 
Keep in mind that the location should be a quiet place, excessive noise can ruin the mood. 
  • Dim lighting

However, in life, we aren’t presented with the perfect moments we are looking for so instead you have to create them yourself. Just go for it. 

Just the thought that the girl went through all the trouble to cook something special for him is going to melt her heart. Knowing that the whole time she was preparing the dish she was only thinking about you is going to make his heart full but not his stomach for that he actually has to try your cooking. 

Both the boy and the girl wearing a pair of matching happiness charms are always cute.

Many people find it endearing and cute when a girl takes care of her boyfriend. Acts of care and nurturing can strengthen the bond between partners and create a sense of love and support in the relationship.

It demonstrates affection, compassion, and a willingness to prioritize the well-being of the other person.

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