10 Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Quotes on the Journey of Life

10 Frieren: Beyond Journey's End Quotes on the Journey of Life

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End is the biggest new hit of this winter. It has even gone on to dethrone Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood as the most popular anime of all time on MyAnimeList. 

The story’s premise centers on an elf and her pals who, after vanquishing the demon king, must adopt a new way of life.

Let’s tag along with Frieren and her friends discovering the meaning of life through these,

10 Amazing Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End quotes that will resonate with you.

1. Himmel from Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End quotes on living

We’ll have to start looking for work soon, it’s important after all. Slaying the demon king was one chapter but we will live on. We’ve stories yet to tell and lives yet to live – Himmel

2. Frieren quotes

Frieren, the life that lies ahead of you will be far longer than the rest of us could know or that we could begin to comprehend – Himmel

3. The heroes who slayed the Demon king must be rewarded

The rumour has it, the king is going to erect statutes of us in the plaza. Though I doubt they’ll be able to capture the complexities of my good looks on a peace of stone. How I pity the poor sculpture – Himmel

4. Frieren quotes on life

Looking back, out memories sound terrible don’t they? But I had fun. You made this quest the journey of my lifetime. So thank you all – Himmel

5. A friend’s promise

I realize you might haven’t thought much about leaving your ominous prize under my care. But under my eyes, this horn was a treasure entrusted to me by a dear friend for safekeeping. I had to keep it in perfect conditioning until I returned it to you – Himmel

6. No point of having experience if you can’t pass it on to the next generation

If I sat and died in silence, all I’ve learnt about friendship, strength of will and courage. All that precious memories, we have made will vanish like they’ve never been made – Heiter

7. The end of an era!

The era of meteor shower happens once every 50 years. Out era of peace couldn’t have been welcomed in a more perfect way – Himmel

8. Once you travel the world, you realize you’re just a small piece in the puzzle of the world

Travelling together, it transports the soul to a different time, a time when the world was ours to discover and each Mark of life on its surface seemed so brilliant and new – Himmel

9. The final adventure of the hero among heroes, Himmel

I’ve lived my life waiting for the day, we would be together once more. I thank you, Frieren. It’s only because of you that this retired hero could have one final adventure – Himmel

10. The corrupt priest is slow to die!

It turns out a stylish exist is harder to achieve than I had thought – Heiter


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