17 DOPE Mashle: Magic and Muscles quotes

14 Best Mashle: Magic and Muscles quotes

Mashle: Magic and Muscles features a young boy named Mash who dreams of becoming a divine visionary in order to live peacefully with his pops.

Let’s join Mash on his journey of becoming a divine visionary even without magic and changing the perception of this world. 

That is easier said than done, though, since everything in this world revolves around magic, and your magic power establishes your worth. Those who have an aptitude for magic have worth, and conversely, those who don’t have it are considered worthless.

14 Best Mashle: Magic and Muscles quotes

1. Wahlberg Baigan from Mashle: Magic and Muscles quotes

One can use the power they posess to either harm or help. Ultimately the choice is up to the one who yields it. Protecting the weak and regulating the strong is the obligation of those who wield great power.

2. Wahlberg Baigan quotes

What is more unforgivable is a world where those who care are at a disadvantage. Currently the world revolves around those with authority, power and selfishness. People like you who would sacrifice themselves to do what’s right are few and far between.

3. Lance Crown quotes

I saw how soft you were during the entrance exam, you prioritized someone else over yourself. Some would call that selfless, I would call it a loser mentality.

4. Mashle: Magic and Muscles quotes on Time

Once time passes it will never return again. As hard as one may try time can’t be stopped.

5. Mashle: Magic and Muscles quotes

Did you know that crushing the weak is one of the best feelings in the world. One can’t judge oneself without judging another. One can only realize one’s superiority when there’s someone beneath their level.

6. Lance Crown quotes on his little sister

When you fight it’s because you want to prove you’re better than your opponent but when. I fight it’s for my little sister.

7. Lance Crown quotes

I’m trying to teach you something, people like who only fight for themselves. Don’t stand a chance against my determination to save my sister.

8. Dot Barret quotes

Side characters like you should know you can’t beat to MC.

9. Mash Burnedead quotes

Doesn’t matter how much the world hates that weird eyes of yours or what anyone says about you cause you’re stuck with it. What I think about you as a person isn’t going to change.

10. Mashle: Magic and Muscles quotes

A person’s growth depends upon the people they surround themselves with but if all you’ve got around yourself is garbage then you’re gonna stink like hell.

11. Mashle: Magic and Muscles quotes

People cam only be their best when they surround themselves with their equals but if they’re always hanging with drags they will just end up sinking to their level.

12. Lance Crown quotes

Ohh, really you think you get stronger because of that? What a load of bs. If you had real principles and drive none of that would matter.

13. Rayne Ames quotes

In this world the only thing that counts are your actions, talk all you want it’s just words. And I especially don’t trust a word a scum like you say I find it more effective to teach your kind with pain and after I get done teaching you. I promise you won’t make the same mistake again.

14. Mash muscles > Magic

In a world where magic is everything, the best magic user is such a despicable guy. He’s worth defeating with my muscles. Then the world will accept me.

15. I would have never imagined this!

Mash, who was always scolded at school. Mash, who was about to be expelled. Mash, who can’t use magic. He’s overriding every rule in this world where magic is everything.

16. Dot Barret’s big sister quotes on Friends

A real friend cares when you’re sad or angry they stick up for you. I. Life you’re not gonna find many people like that and if you ever do find one make sure you’re strong enough to stick up for them.

17. Mash Unwavering Resolve

I’ll become the best in this Magic Realm and prove it to you that it’s okay even if you can’t use magic


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